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    The issue may be boring to some Members like me

    I have been noticing regular threads/posts relating to AdSense Revenue Sharing since I joined this platform on 23rd September, 2015. Many Members have been raising various issues and difficulties relating to AdSense account approval and many other related things.

    This issue has become very boring for me. Here, I must admit that initially, I was also interested in this AdSense Revenue Sharing. I also raised one or two threads on AdSense after my joining. Although my AdSense account was approved within six months of my joining this site, I have not got even a single Indian paisa from AdSense (I have already forgotten the USDs), till now.

    Now, I have no interest left in this AdSense business. I do know that there are some more Members of ISC who have no interest in AdSense Revenue Earning. To such Members, this type of discussion is meaningless and boring.

    So, I feel that those Members who are interested in AdSense may seek clarifications from the Webmasters, Managing Editor and knowledgeable Editors/Members (on this subject) through personal messages instead of raising threads.

    This is my sincere feeling to avoid this boring topic (for me). Please don't ridicule me.
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    AdSense is the base for ISC and ISC is giving cash generated from AdSense itself. But you want to forget it and block the AdSense related topics. Without AdSense, all members including you will not get timely payment each month for all your contributions. The queries kept open because other members like you may try to understand it and try to focus on topics that gets traffic. If you get traffic, both you and ISC will get benefit.

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    I too having an AdSense account but I don't have any complaint so far because my contributions haven't been to that of quality that may attract the heavy traffic. In addition, I didn't know about this is one of the reason that I am lacking behind even at this stage but I am working on the options that may prove worth of more traffic including to that of uploading videos in Hope so that during the coming times I may have some advantage on earning through AdSense as well.

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    True. There are many threads on this subject. In fact, the same is the case with me. My account is pending with Adsense for a year. I have applied for Adsense through my Google + account. Whenever I send a mail to them, the answer is we are working on that, we will complete the process shortly. I have forgotten these days.

    But coming to ISC, the policy is that whatever doubts or clarifications we have we have to approach them through this forum post only. We can't approach them through emails and other means unless otherwise, they ask. So we have to tolerate and we should let the others get their doubts clarified through forum sections I feel.

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    I got my Adsense account approved a few days back. And I have 0.1$ in my account so far. I know I may earn better on Adsense if I have lots of quality contents here which I dont have. I dont get time to write articles these days moreover I am not that much skilled in writing. But those who can write good articles may get the good earnings there.

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    Well, because of AdSense we all are paid for our contributions and that is clarified in a better way by Jebaprincy @#660209. People earn from their blogs mainly because of associating their accounts with Google AdSense and since there are different ways to increase traffic in AdSense, members post their queries in the forum section.

    I think by following the ways mentioned in various articles related to AdSense and also by following the queries of members related to the topic we will be able to know the different techniques by which the earnings of individual members through AdSense can be increased.


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    Ms. Jebaprincy: I have no comment on the relationship between ISC and AdSense. My limited contention is that various issues relating to AdSense may be got clarified through direct personal messages to the Webmasters or the Managing Editor or to the knowledgeable Editors/Members. Repeated Forum posts on this issue by different Members are boring.
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    Is it boring to get information on RSB regularly every month?
    Is it boring to get the monthly payment details regularly every month?
    Is it boring to read the threads raised by members on nonreceipt of monthly payments? ( You raised one such thread recently and got it solved)
    Is it boring to read the queries on contest prizes?
    If you are not interested, kindly don't click a thread where the word Adsense appears.
    Let the query on Adsense also go on. Never get bored? It is a need for someone and information for many members.
    ISC's Forum section is also to deal with queries (Any query)

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    I am also waiting for my Google Adsense account to get approved. So for me any information about this is useful as I can check that in my case. It seems Google takes considerable time in approving Adsense account for some members while for some it is a long wait. I am not aware of their policy in tis regard but fact is we have to wait.
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