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    Comparison between the teachers of the present age and the teachers of a few decades ago?

    I find a lot of difference definitely between the teachers of the two different ages as mentioned in the title. The teachers of my school days some thirty plus years ago were extraordinarily better than the teachers of the present time with whom I come in contact due to my son's school life.

    I won't say that no teacher is sincere, but I want to make a point that at present most of the teachers take up teaching not because they like to teach but consider it as a good source of income.

    I know teachers who judged students according to their looks and never bothered to highlight a child's talent who is a little odd among classmates. Taking extra pain for a student after school hour or within the school time is no more visible while it was prevalent during my school life.

    Share your experience and opinion regarding the comparison made in the thread.
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    Modernization and commercialization has done many changes in the various areas and education is one of them. So, teachers have also been affected by that change and there is tremendous difference between the mindset of a teacher today than that of a few decades back.

    The concept of teacher as a Guru changed to knowledge provider with a fee and this commercialization made the things happening in a different dimension.

    Today rich people are sending their mediocre children for foreign education as they are ready to afford an expenditure of about Rs 30 lakh per year towards fees and boarding and hope that the children will get some job there itself and settle there only. These parents know that their children have no future here.

    Today you can have education if you have money. Earlier times if you were capable and hard working the Guru was happy to teach you free of charges.

    In such a changed scenario the mind set of present teachers have to be different from the earlier generation teachers.

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    A pertinent point, which I completely agree with the author is nowadays, many teachers consider teaching a profession with a good pay package and a lot of relaxations. After talking to a few of the present day teachers I found many of them are not willing to take up the 'extra work' with the 'small pay package' they are receiving. They think those works extra though I feel it is a part of their job. They cleared the exams and are employed in different schools according to the government rules.

    For many of these teachers, the welfare of the students is not so important. If they are requested to take an extra class beyond the classes allocated to them by the head of the institution, they express displeasure. Many of them think they are not paid adequately.

    In West Bengal, the situation is really disturbing in cases of teachers of government schools. The other day the state education minister warned the teachers by instructing them to concentrate on teaching rather than demonstrating in large numbers in a particular part of the city almost on a regular basis. This is undoubtedly hampering the studies and I would say as far as West Bengal is concerned, the politicisation of the whole education system is to blame for this situation.


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    Yes. There is a change. But one thing I want to mention is there is a change in the mindset of the parents of the children also. 30 years back if a child goes and tells his parents that one of the teachers had beaten him, the parents used to say that the teacher will never punish the student without the mistake of the student. But these days parents will immediately go for a fight with the teacher or file a complaint. I am not supporting the teachers. But I want to make a point that there are changes in all the concerned not only in teachers.

    Earlier days teaching profession is something different from other professions. The society used to respect them and the teachers used to maintain values. They used to support a good student by financing him also for his education. I know many teachers who used to take pains to educate the students who are not able to cope up by giving them extra time and support.

    This type of changes we are seeing not only in the teaching profession but also in the medical field and many other fields. These are the days where money is more important than any other aspect of our lives.

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    Teachers are highly respectable personalities and they are considered builders of the nation. A person becomes a teacher only after achieving all the required tests and requirements. Teachers make an individual a better person and therefore, needs due respect.
    Teachers are the one who can polish the talent of a student and encourage him to become a better person. Teachers take sometimes extra classes to teach students which were the case even in the past and this quality still exists among honest teacher.

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    Past days.
    The decades-old good teachers had wisdom and knowledge, and used to beat us with sticks, rulers and canes for our mistakes with an aim to get ourselves corrected. We realized it and studied well. We never lodged a complaint that our teachers scolded and beat us. Parents used to tell the teachers to have effective control over us. They always supported the teachers' action.

    Present day
    Most teachers of the present days are not intelligent enough to teach the students. They ask their students to read the books or search the net and understand things. They cannot effectively take charge of an erring student. They cannot raise their voice or beat up the students. If the student complaint to their parents, all the parents will queue up in front of the school and would demand action against the erring teacher.

    @ The Guru and Shisya relationship doesn't exist now. The world has changed a lot.

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    This problem is something which very often came to my mind. I myself worked as a teacher for more than 35 years. I took up this profession in the year 1970 and retired in 2005. I had to mingle with hundreds of teachers during those years. A good number of them were not fit to be called as teachers. They were not actually teaching. They were just dictating notes. I myself had such an experience. When I was studying for M.Sc. one of my professors used to follow an old note book for teaching as well as for dictating notes. Perhaps, it was the notes of that professor's student days. In fact only a limited number of teachers were 'teaching, others were just following some text or note book. If some students asked questions, they were finding it difficult to give correct answers.
    These days the number of misfits are increasing in schools as well as in colleges. This is mainly because of the change on the salary structure. The profession has become very attractive. Hence people opt for it and they "buy" these posts. In private institutions the posts are filled based on highest bidding. Even in Government institutions pressure and money play a role in the appointment. So, one cannot expect that the selected candidates are really suited for that job.
    In fact the education field has become a sort of a business centre. Even the senior positions are not filled based on qualifications or ability.


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    I think earlier teachers were more sincere to their work and had a desire that their disciples should learn the knowledge that they were imparting to them.

    Now due to commercialisation the teachers will tell only what is required by the student and will not do any encouragement or moral teaching from their side. This is one of the major differences.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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