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    First hand experience of rising sea levels

    There is a very popular Pacific island nation called Kiribati. It is pronounced Kiribas though. The country is going to disappear in next few decades because of rising sea levels. The most populous island in the archipelago is only 3 meters above sea level. The only main road of the island is being flooded occasionally because of this. It is very unfortunate for us that we are experiencing such events first hand. In our lifetime. Currently the government is sending its inhabitants as refugees to Australia. But soon a refugee crisis will occur and the worst possible outcome would be total disappearance of Kiribatian culture. How does it make you feel?
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    This is really alarming that the whole island nation may disappear within the next few decades. The sea level is rising because of some reasons and pollution all over the world is among the prominent ones. Sending the inhabitants as refugees to another country will save the lives of the inhabitants but a solution must be found to save the island.

    The effect of pollution is cumulative and a rise in pollution in one part of the world affects other parts too. All over the world, a change is witnessed in the weather conditions. There is a rise in temperature of the earth and because of this, the ice is melting. A study indicates that during the past 16 years there is a steep rise in the melting of ice at Antarctica. If this rise continues at this rate, it is hard to imagine how the situation will turn out in the coming decade. It is terrible!


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    Sea level rising or receding sea is a geological phenomenon and linked to plate tectonics and other Earth crust movements. It is also related to the global warming subsequent to the climate degradation due to emission of green house gases by human activities.

    In long run such catastrophe are scheduled to happen in many parts of the world. The movement of Earth crust is very strange as the different crust plates are moving in different direction albeit at a very very slow pace not perceptible to the eye but effective in long durations.

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    It is very sad to know about this type of issues. The sea levels are increasing. The reasons behind this are man-made only. There is no doubt on this issue. We read in some epics that the whole world will get immersed in water which is called Pryalayam. So it may be happening in parts. It may happen one after another instead of the whole globe getting immersed in water once.
    Serious thought should be given to this and we should restrain ourselves from doing anti-environmental activities. One should conserve nature. Emission of greenhouse gases should be reduced and should be kept to the minimum possible extent so that the temperatures of the atmosphere will come down.
    From this Island, we can send people to other places but it is not a permanent solution. Everybody should think and act cautiously so that pollution will be at its lowest level.

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