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    Winking worked well in epics

    This is not to win you through my wink(ing). It is a fact that I post.
    In Mahabharatha, winking worked rightly. During the Suyamwara of Draupathi, when Karna lifted the bow, inserted the arrow, and was ready to hit the target, Krishna winked at Draupathi and sent her a signal to stop him by saying that he was not a Kshatriya, but a son of a low-caste charioteer. She did it. This winking worked and Karna lost Draupathi. In another wink, when Arjuna in the disguise of a Brahman, lifted the bow, Krishna winked and signalled her to allow him, and when he hit the target and won the Suyamwar, Draupathi hesitated to garland the Brahmin. But Krishna winkled at her and signalled her to garland and accept him as her husband.

    So winking worked well in Mahabharatha. In fact, Lord Krishna is the best winking personality in this world.

    @ This is not for TOW contest, but an information post.
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    Lord Krishna has many such incidents which are stated in Mahabharata.

    One of the best one was when Arjuna denied picking weapons against his kiths and kins then Krishna appeared in the avatar of God and there He gave Updeshs which is called Geeta Updesh.

    According to Mahabharata, he was very clever and knew everything about the future.


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    Sanjeev Gupta,
    We all know that Krishna was very clever. But this thread is to comment on wink(ing). Kindly post Krishna's winking or any other winking in Mahabharatha or elsewhere.

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    I don't know that Krishna winked to Draupadi in her Swayavaram. Good information from the author.
    Krishna went to Dhritarashtra as an Ambassador on behalf of Pandavas. He tried to convince the Kauravas to give at least five cities to Pandavas. When they are not responding positively to him he tried to threaten them by saying that they will lose their Rajay and all of them will die.
    At that time Duryodhana got annoyed and tried to get up from the seat. Then Sakuni winked at him and advised him to sit. After that Sakuni winked at Karna and Dussasana. All of them went out and tried to tie Lord Krishna with a big rope.
    Here Sakuni winked but not Lord Krishna.

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    Mr. Rao,
    I suggest you watch Mahabharatha films and TV serials seriously to know the fact of Krishna winking at Draupathi.

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    The interesting thing would be the nature of the wink. In this thread, a good description of the winking gesture of Krishna is provided. I understand the activity is well transformed in serials, but it's unfortunate that we do not have any picture or videos from that era. Otherwise, the exact type of wink along with the meaning could have been clearer to us.

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    Krishna's indication through winking to Draupadi to tell something at the correct point of time is something of strategic value and the author has presented it very nicely in this post.

    As Krishna might have not liked people to know that he was in the background of Drapadi's utterance so this indirect way was devised by him.

    So wink is not a new phenomenon and in fact it existed ab initio as depicted in our epics also.

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    When the war was over Krishna and Pandavas went to meet Dhritarashtra where he asked Bheem to come close to him as he wants to hug him and Krishna winked and asked him to push the statute and let him hug the statute which Dhritarashtra broke in anger. Actually, he wanted to kill Bhima but due to Krishna he could not.

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    Very interesting thread by the author. So, we have winking in our epics also though slightly for different purposes.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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