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    Imagine a role reversal like this

    It has become a norm nowadays and many actors are entering politics. There are many greats from South India as well as Bollywood who entered politics and there are success stories also. Especially, the cine stars from the South have done wonders in politics and still now many are entering the domain. The way of speaking of the actors, the dialogues in a particular scene is what distinguishes one from the other. The actors speak well and politicians expect that if they rope in famous actors to contest polls their popularity will win votes. Actors are expert at imitating and they play the roles of famous politicians also during their career. Actors have to follow a lot; they follow the gestures, way of talking and voice minutely.

    Now just think of a role reversal. If politicians are given a chance to act in films in various roles, are we going to see them in the role of heroes or all of them are only fit to act as villains? Well, I am saying this because nowadays the behaviour of most of the politician is like that of a villain. They are shouting at each other and at times engaged in violent behaviour. In this scenario, can they act like heroes if given the chance?
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    Interesting proposition. Mostly people from acting side go to politics especially when they become old and their roles are given to the youngsters. So, they enjoy best of the both the worlds.

    The reversal does not appear a likely proposition until unless a particular role is given to them suiting their age and capability in acting. Another thing is a politician will give first preference to the elections and fighting for the top ministerial posts of the country and only when he does not get success there he will search for other alternatives like joining Bollywood or things like that.

    Anyway, the idea floated by the author is interesting and amusing.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Interesting idea. I do not know any politician turned actor so far. They may be there but I am not aware of that. Has anyone knowledge about such personalities?

    There might be some who had failed miserably in politics and then while searching a job might have stumbled in the film industry in some capacity.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    A good imagination. To earn money in cine field you have to work hard and you have to show your talent and excel. Then only you will get chances and you can demand remuneration as per your demand. But in politics, there is no necessity to work hard. You will be always surrounded by your chamchas and you will earn money without any hard work and you can earn huge amounts. So I don't think people who are busy in politics will try to shift to the cinema field.
    Another issue is age. When you are young only you can work as a lead in any movie. Then only you will get good money. A young hero these days demanding more than a crore for a movie. But he may not get many movies in a year. So there is a limit for his income. But a politician there is no limit. He will get huge amounts from different sources in different ways.
    A politician from Telangana acted in a movie as a Chief Minister. That movie was a hit. But he has not got any chances further in any movie.

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    The politicians may opt to act but only in negative characters. The good characters are not fit for the politicians. The villain's role will be perfect, but I doubt anyone will like to watch their show. Earlier it was said that politicians are a bunch of jokers, but nowadays they have crossed all the limits.

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