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    A classic case of misuse of Facebook

    Members who have not been to the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu, may not be knowing that there is one fabulous town called Pollachi, which is literally on the Kerala border. This town has so many picnic spots and its villages are a big treat to watch. The memorable Amir Khan's "Tanda Matlab Cococola" campaign where he pulls out a full bucket of coca cola safely kept in the cool environs of a well, was actually shot in one of the villages of this town.

    Be that as it may, this town has now become infamous for the worst of reasons. Though Facebook is one social media vehicle that can be used so constructively, a gang of four youths had masterminded a strategy to entice young girls studying in a local hostel, though one of the fellows, who looks like a "hero" and after getting the cell number, getting in touch with the particular girl.

    The girl would not know that a trap has been laid. She would innocently get into the car. Two other goonda accomplices would film the sexual advances of the hero and threaten to put the photos on all social media. The girl would part with whatever jewellery she would have with her. The threatening would continue for more money. Literally fed up, one girl went to the police station and the gang of four were arrested.

    It then turned out that the gang had cheated even married women. How do we deal with such horrible human beings who are worse than barbarians?
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    We always suggested that women and girls should carry Mirchi and Pepper guns, if possible a sharp knife for their safety and security. Women should be beautiful but bold to encounter such events in their life. Kill them and send them to hell. Women should not hesitate and tolerate such barbarous acts. Even I suggest them to carry some acid in a bottle and pour it on their face whether it was through facebook or any other hook.
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    The goons will misuse every facility whether it is in he real world or virtual one. Social media is a place where gullible people are trapped so easily. Students are the main target of these bad elements.

    One should be, whether man or woman, careful enough to avoid such traps and before going out with anyone one should be doubly sure of the credentials of that person.

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    My suggestion is that no one should make friends with unknown people on social media. Going out with an unknown person should be out of the question. There are hooligans all around, so it is foolish to trust a stranger.

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    It is good to restrain ourselves from making friends without seeing them and knowing them fully. Never advance your friendships through social media. Innocent girls are suffering like this because of some crooks like this. Girls should equip themselves in such a way that they can run away from such people without getting affected.
    Many incidents like this are getting reported. Social media has become one instrument for evil people like this to enhance their activity.
    It is good that the girl somehow managed to come out and complained against them in the police station. At least now that gang will stop such activities. The members of the gang should be punished severely so that no other person will even think of doing this type of activities.

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    I have read this thread and subsequent responses. I would like to ask a related question to all Members. ISC is also an online platform and we consider fellow-Members as friends because we have learnt that ISC is just like a very big family.

    So, how should we treat other Members of ISC? How much should we trust another fellow-Member?

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    The incident mentioned in the thread is quite disturbing and there are many who have fallen in such traps at different places. It is human nature to try to know the unknown and this is applicable also while making friends. The problem with different social media platform is there is an option to make friendship with unknown persons too and when people see an attractive profile picture of another person of the opposite sex there are many who willingly send friend requests or accept it. There is no option to know whether the profile or the picture is original though there are guidelines to create profiles.

    Now, if somebody at all wants to make friendship with unknown persons, she/he has to be cautious. Women and girls must think twice while meeting strangers and it is not advisable at all to meet any stranger. While law enforcing agencies must strictly handle those culprits involved in such horrific crimes, women should be aware of different self-defence tactics to tackle these situations. For every such crime, exemplary punishment must be meted out to the perpetrators so that it can work as a deterrent.

    To answer the query of Mr Partha @#660294, I would say that trust depends on situations and any relationship has to mature to a certain level to develop this trust. Only then we can understand whether one can be trusted or not. I agree that ISC is a big family, but how many of us know each other? To develop any friendship, knowing the other person matters.


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    With the advent of new technologies in different fields such as medicines, information - technology and other branches of science, there is the growth of gangs creating none sense in the society such as looting, torturing the girls, making sexual - advances etc. The tricks earlier adopted has changed considerably and some bad elements try to lure girls with the plateform of Facebook.
    The girls should be cautious enough while making friendship with some stranger since such an approach may ruin her mental peace due to development of some unpredictable ugly situation which they might not notice in the earlier situation. Hence a prudent approach in this regard would be to refrain from such incidences which may prove costly in making friendship with the strangers.

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    My response to Mr Partha K # @#660294, Honestly speaking, we cannot trust any member of ISC although we are writing on the same site. To develop trust we need to know each other personally which is not the case here. We are interacting through our opinions on various subjects, but on that basis, none can make a strong bond on the personal level. ISC is a family where the members work together but not a family of friends. Suppose we are in need then the members won't come running to help us. The members will enjoy one another's best wishes, but nothing more than that. It is quite natural.

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    Social media is a place where people exchange their views, information and sometimes even personal problems and inquisitions and that is a very normal thing in sites like Facebook, Instagram, Hike or Whats app.

    What is really worrying that some bad elements are misusing these information and in the disguise of 'online friend' cheating and deceiving the gullible and innocent people. So the younger generation and even the adults have to take much care before starting any relationship in the online world as it is entirely an unknown territory where we are treading.

    These miscreants are using online platforms for ulterior motives and they know that there is no one to observe them in the digital world and nab for their bad activities.

    So prevention is better than cure and entering in dark areas is always risky and harmful.

    Knowledge is power.

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