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    Your opinion on the comments of Hon'ble Member of Parliament

    Shri BK Hariprasad is an Hon'ble Member of Parliament (MP) in Rajya Sabha. He is a very important Member of Congress. This can be well understood from the fact that he was the Congress candidate for the post of Vice-Chairman of Rajya Sabha only a few months back (although he lost). So, we have to give due importance to this important leader's statement/ comment.

    This senior leader yesterday stated: "Ravi Shankar Prasad should clarify whether there is any match-fixing between Pakistan and Narendra Modi. Or else, without their knowledge this Pulwama instance would not have taken place. If you look at the chain of events that have taken place after Pulwama it looks like Narendra Modi had a match-fixing with Pakistan people."

    It is obvious that the Hon'ble MP of the Congress party was referring to the ghastly massacre of 40 CRPF jawans at Pulwama on 14th February, 2019. To me, the statement is an indirect way to state that the ruling party under the Prime Minister was behind this terrible massacre of soldiers along with the leaders, army officers and terrorists of our neighbouring country. I can't think of any other explanation.

    Members of ISC! Kindly state your views on the statement of the senior Congress leader and Hon'ble MP (Rajya Sabha), Shri BK Hariprasad. As far as I know, no Congress leader has so far condemned or objected to this statement.
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    The Congress leader should be put behind the bars for uttering such words against a Prime Minister of a nation. It is our democracy that has its leniency to handle such irresponsible leaders. The ruling party might question the leader as to how much he has been bribed by the Pakistani government to speak like this in the Indian Parliament.
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    He might be having the experience of earlier match fixings in the time of congress regime and the poor fellow might be thinking that the present regime is also doing same thing. He might have uttered this in the true sense though we are taking it as offending.

    People speak from their own experience and I think their feelings should be honoured. Congress party will be in a dilemma as to praise him or condemn!

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    The established law in our country can't prohibit them from saying so because we are living in a democratic country with moved by the Constitution of India. This has become a trend for being bad mouthed in order to favor a certain community & this will continue to happen till the time we acknowledge these & respond them in terms of votes. There is no meaning for getting too much excited or being too much emotional in context to these statements but instead we need to get wake-up to the realities.

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    This man deserves very serious punishment. How he can talk like that against the PM of the country. Probably he may be having something in mind to negotiate with somebody in the other country. Meanwhile, these incidents happened. If you look through a yellow glass the whole world will appear yellow only. Why senior leaders of Congress are not saying anything against these statements. Probably he might have received advises from them only to give a statement like this.
    We have freedom of speech. But we should not misuse and talk as we like about another person that too who is in a very senior position and trying to develop the country.
    I feel some leaders from BJP should file a case against for defamation of PM. Then only he will get a lesson. No one should accept this type of statement and it shows the culture and values of the person who talked.

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    If the Head of the party can be stupid and foolish, how do we expect his subordinate leaders to be decent and gentle? Freedom to express doesn't mean to accuse, abuse and insult. We have the right to take charge of the culprits who involve in such practices. Our PM should act against such stupid parliamentarians without any mercy.
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    If we talk about the present leaders of the Congress party, I am deeply impressed by the attitude and statements given by Capt. Amrinder Singh (Retd.), the present Chief Minister of Panjab. He has never praised the BJP or the Prime Minister, but his attitude is of a serious opposition leader. At the same time, his deputy NS Sidhu has been giving one after another irresponsible statement, the latest one is that IAF destroyed the jungle at Balakot. But unfortunately, Sidhu is the blue-eyed boy of the top leadership of Congress.
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    It is really shameful and surprising that people are making such comments and statements that also openly. This only shows the desperation and feeling of defeat and nothing else. When you can not win then try to back stab your competitor.

    Sometimes I feel there should be an entrance exam and minimum basic educational qualification for becoming a politician in our country otherwise many people are taking advantage and somehow entering this arena only to disgrace it.

    We should respect our leaders but if leader comments like that then our heads bow in shame. It is ridiculous to talk like that. One lose talk leads to other and these type of dialogues bring ugliness and bitterness in the already heated up political scenario.

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    I think while making such comments, opposition leaders do not realize that the whole world is listening to them. I am still unable to understand why so many opposition leaders are trying to make the government responsible when the thinktank behind the attack was from the other side of the border. We all are watching everyday that how Pakistan is being cornered for their lack of actions against terrorists. They are now taking some measures, at least that is reported to the outside world, against some of those organisations and people expect more such actions from Pakistan.

    The Congres has ruled this country for most of the time after independence and maybe they are finding it difficult to sit in the opposition benches without meddling with the affairs of the government. This is election time and all the opposition parties are desperate to win the elections and rule the country this time. Maybe because of this mindset they are least bothered about the issues of national security and speaking in a way as if every condemnable activity is done by the present government.


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    Actually it looks like the decision of sending our CRPF forces by road is our government and they are the only one who denied the using of airforce transport planes.

    Now tell who mistake is this?

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    Till now, the CRPF, other para-military and army personnel move by road only. This is going on for at least fifty years. The question is that there was no advance road-clearance party for sanitization. For this lapse also, the State Government was responsible. But this thread is not meant for this discussion.

    Here we are discussing the erudite comment of the Hon'ble MP.

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    It is not a simple move or transfer of personnel. It is the movement of a group with many things viz vehicles, tents, logistic support items, arms and ammunition etc. So, no question of air transportation and denial by the government.

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