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    Is it right to say that media has published an information from a stolen document?

    The Government's Attorney General has said that the media "The Hindu's publication of information regarding Rafale aircraft deal was from a document stolen from Defence Ministry. Is it not like "My father is not hiding inside the home"?

    By this, the government confirms that the information on the Rafale fighter deal is true and proved beyond doubt. Now the Defence Minister and Defence Ministry are responsible for the leakage of information. It is very clear that our Defence Ministry is weak by its staff, and might go to any extent to help the opposition parties and even our enemy countries.

    Now the opposition parties have an upper hand over Rafale issue.

    Your comments, please.
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    Previously the BJP government gave a clarification to Supreme court regarding a grammar mistake in its appeal and then now it appealed that its Rafale deal document was stolen. Are these things happening casually or the government manipulating things to mislead the truth? The Hindu paper given clarifications regarding Rafale deal scam are real and true.

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    Yes. It is true. How papers from the ministry were stolen by a newspaper. It may be an indication that within the ministry some are doing such activities. So there is every chance that important secrets from here can go to enemy countries also. Strict vigilance is required.

    As mentioned by the author it will give a chance to opposition to talk more about the issue. Already there is a statement from Rahul Gandhi asking for an explanation from the government.

    However, a common man is not having much interest in this subject. They have their own problems.

    Whatever it is true, there is a necessity in the country as on date to improve the strengths of the defence forces for which we may have to import some equipment even by paying more. The more the necessity for you the more you may have to pay.

    always confident

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    When we are in need, others go in greed. The salesman takes advantage of this urgent requirement and hikes the price. Here, the requirement of fighter aircraft for the safety and security of our country is essential and urgent. The deal was already delayed for a decade by the previous UPA government. UPA was incapable to finalize the deal. Hence BJP had to go by the dealers demand by paying more for it. It is quite natural. And it should not be taken as a serious issue by the party or the public. However, the AG should have handled this issue differently and secretly without harming the Defence Ministry.

    @ We cannot blame 'The Hindu' for its effort to put in their best for effective investigative journalism by hook or crook. Hindu always brings out the truth.

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    Now the AG has a taken a U turn and said that the document was not stolen, but a photocopy of the same has been taken and used. What is this?

    It amounts the same. The document has not been stolen, but the right information available in that document has been copied and taken. Is it not a loss of the contents of the document?

    What can be said about our government! Higher ranking authorities should think well before they utter words.

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    Security-related deals are of utmost importance for the country. The documents related to these transactions and tenders should be kept in high custody but unfortunately, there are the careless elements everywhere which create a problem for everyone including the Govt.

    I remember that during budget the finance ministry people are not allowed to leave the office till the budget is presented. This is done to ensure that no leakage of information happens.

    I think we should have such stringent control in the area of high-value purchase tenders related to defense deals.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Theft or copying of sensitive and important documents from Govt or private organizations happens sometimes, especially when the custodians are careless and the interested parties are smart and manage it through ill means.

    This happens and has happened in the world at many places and everywhere people blame the ruling party and the system for it. So fact is that such things sometimes happen and it is up to the court or investigating authorities that how they take it and give cognizance.

    I remember a few years back it was announced that the whole files related to coal scam were missing and Govt was trying to search those files and Supreme Court directed Govt to produce it from wherever. What happened to that case? Our memories are short we are only bothered for the recent case and forget it till the new scam takes place.

    Whoever is in opposition will make these as an issue in the forthcoming elections. The role of opposition everywhere is to make hue and cry on lapses but when it comes to cooperation and nation building they do not cooperate.

    The passing of GST bill in the parliament took years and its implementation is still not perfect

    So until unless we have a constructive and positive opposition we will not success in our progressive thoughts.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I am very much surprised and wondering why the government is tying itself in difficult knots day by day. At the very same time I feel very sad that why we make something related to our national defence into controversy falling easy prey to exploitation and interference by vested interests.

    As of now, I do not doubt this government and leadership having indulged in deliberate and conscious corruption, and feel that some matters are of sensitive and strategic nature and as such have to be shielded from public discussion. But my doubt is why the courts could not be convinced by the government that. I also doubt that there is a behind-the -scene handiwork of competitive business also in this.

    But saying that records have been stolen or even copied makes the government's position weak and laughable even in front of the ordinary and unbiased people. I also feel that there is some section of the media which have their own interest to keep the matter alive and create doubt in the mind of the people.

    Politicians and media may have vested interests, but not ordinary citizen Hence it is high time that the government do something concrete to convince the ordinary citizen- who are still having some positive faith on this government- that there is no mala-fide and take action on the rumour mongers. .Otherwise the people may succumb to the constant propaganda by the opposition and media on this regard. That is not good for the country at this juncture.

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    The Hindu is very trusted paper of India. Millions of peoples trust them.

    If some news which is related to Rafale is leaked and published by any paper and media. Which may showcase the corruption behind it. If that news is in national interest and showcase the wrong doing and bad decision of our government. Than this type of news published by newspaper is correct and ethical.

    Government should not use or misuse power against media.

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    Here the thing to notice is, whatever means the document the Hindu paper obtains and it's content indicates a case of corruption. Hindu Paper agency has every right to obtain information in its investigating process. Most of the scandals or scams were found out in the past throughout the world in the same way.

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    The custodian of those sensitive documents is the defence ministry. Now, when it is stolen or how it is stolen can be known only after a proper investigation. If the stolen documents are somehow landed in the office of a media they are sure to publish news on the contents of those documents. The whole matter is before the apex court now and after considering all the views I am sure they will pronounce their verdict.

    All these issues are coming to light because the general election is around the corner and the opposition parties are always ready to make certain things an issue to suit their propaganda. At present, the government is on a sticky wicket over the Rafale issue and even threatened the press to take action under the Official Secrets Act. What is going on between the insiders in the defence ministry and the opposition parties are not known to the general public and actually, these things never come out in the open.

    This controversy will go on for some more time and we need to wait for the ruling of the top court in this regard.


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    There may be many interested parties (including bureaucrats) who create more and more controversies regarding Rafale. The complex equations relating to the purchase of defence equipments are beyond the reach of most of us. Some rival manufacturing companies may also be interested to get the deal canceled. Our enemy nations don't want IAF getting this advanced aircraft. It would be better not to discuss the issue of theft without knowing everything.

    So far as the Hindu newspaper is concerned, it no longer carries the same weight which it used to carry thirty years before.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    This is strange how can a document be stolen from the defence ministry. Is it possible? I cannot believe it? Another statement the petitioners used photocopies. This is all shocking. It's a politics which is involved in it. The case should be investigated and the people involved should not be spared at all.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Whatever may be the document. It is not good to blame the media 'The Hindu' which published the right information that it got from some sources. We should blame the Defence Ministry for its negligence and incapability to safeguard the secret document. The authority or person involved in getting the document photocopied and handed over to the media should be brought to the books and dealt with severely.

    Such a thing happening in our Defence department is like -"The fence eating the crops".

    No life without Sun

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    Parthaji, I think your love for Modi is as good as what a youngster, just 20 years old would have for his sweetheart!!

    That was just a joke Sir. Please look at facts. Every journalist worth his salt would carry stories of what they happen to get. In this case, yes, there is no corruption, but we have your beloved (!) Leader virtually behaving as if we had a Presidential form of Government. People who were fed up with the PMO' s high handedness, I guess, are behind all this.

    The Government cannot claim ignorance. How did such top-secret documents go out? Why has your hero not spoken a single word about the documents, Sir?

    The Finance Minister has time to keep on blogging. The tall claims on employment generation are absolute rubbish. Have you heard about the NEEM scheme, Sir?

    This Modi Government is hiding everything. God save our country.

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    This discussion is going on in a very healthy and interesting way and at this juncture I want to add one practical aspect of the things.

    In 2014, when the present regime came into force there was only a change in the top leadership and some rearrangement in top bureaucracy and then it tried to correct the things one by one or in its own prudent ways.

    We are forgetting that the whole Govt machinery in states and centre has not changed. They are same people who were working in the earlier regime also. Some of them had tasted the fruits and sweets of the earlier regime and they are not comfortable in the new scenario as old habits die hard.

    How to change those people was the biggest problem for the new regime. The public perception is that if top leadership is changed the whole country should become honest at the stroke of 12 in the night same day. Is it possible?

    China is friendly to some terrorism supporting countries but in its place it deals with them mercilessly. Israel has given a good lesson to the enemies who have become their enemies without reason. We must learn from these countries.

    Our people are asking proof of attack on terrorist hideouts. It is ridiculous.

    If people feel that the present leadership is good and progressive for the country we have to cooperate with it till it makes the system clean and efficient. Reforming is a slow process and takes time.

    Some people are desperate and making a mount out of a mole.

    Knowledge is power.

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