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    Is it an ISC's technical bug to be identified and rectified?

    This is a problem I am facing at ISC very frequently.
    This is about my Log in.
    Earlier, Once I log in ISC, it remains for many days. I need not log in every day.
    At times, my log in stands only for a few minutes. I need to log in repeatedly for each and every post.
    Is it a problem faced by other members too?
    Is it an ISC technical bug?
    Can ISC do something to rectify this defect?
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    I think the problem is not with ISC. while you login afresh, you click the 'Remember Me' button. Then you can always remain logged in.
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    I am also facing similar problem sometimes. I don't know what is the reason for this. I will log in and start writing. By the time I complete my writing and press the submit button. It shows the login page. Now as suggested by Partha I will click on the remember me button and see.
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    I am also facing the same problem. Every time when I visit ISC, I have to login even when I am already on the ISC. It is so irritating sometimes! Can we have some solution to this problem?

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    Despite clicking "Remember Me' button, the problem still continues to exist. By the time I complete my response in the box, and when I press 'submit' button, it takes me to log in page. My entire effort to type a message becomes a futile exercise. Hence I try to save the text, then log in, and post my message.

    It is really irritating.

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    I was checking earlier posts on this issue and came across this thread posted by the author exactly about a year back which mentioned the same problem. So, the issue may be due to some annual upgradation of the server or something like that.
    The problem has been brought to the notice of the Webmasters. Please wait for a response from their end.

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    True. I had the same problem and raised a thread in the past. And now I have the same problem to get it fixed by our Web Masters. Hope to find a permanent solution to this perennial problem.
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