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    Editors are sincere but serious. Why?

    Editors & Members,
    Editors, especially the editors of the reputed educational portals are always serious.
    They are very sincere to their site.
    They do nothing but editing only.
    They are much interested to find faults than to appreciate or comment the good.
    They look for deletion and locking only 24x7.
    They are not creative.
    And they don't allow any creative writing.
    They are not fun lovers.
    They are not humorous.
    They don't like entertainment.
    They don't appreciate the good.
    They don't encourage the members.

    Why? Are these qualities essential for an Editor?
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    In India, most of the people think that to become sincere, a person is required to be very serious. Sincere people don't laugh and don't encourage others. They only find faults in others.

    There may be some Editors who firmly believe in this theory of equating seriousness with sincerity.

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    The people who supervise activities will be always serious only. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for them to control the activities of the people working. If they try to be friendly and mix with others the others will take that as an advantage. That may be the reason many Editors also try to be serious and do their duties straight forward without any deviations.
    I find many doctors also to be very serious with their patients. They will ask the questions very seriously and give the prescription. I think these are professional hazards and we may have to tolerate with them.

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    Every profession in the world has its own characteristics and attributes. Editors are no exception. They are simply doing their duty. They know their job well and that is the reason why they are offered that position.

    In one of the site 'hubpages' the editors will not approve our article till it is above a stipulated level. Sometimes they will allow it as a draft there but it does not attract traffic to it and it remains like that only to be removed or deleted by the desperate or frustrated member who had submitted it. The laborious ones correct it, strengthen it and resubmit it and start earning money with the revenue sharing program of that site.

    I had an opportunity to work there though presently I am not very active there, due to obvious reasons, but I wanted to know why those editors were so stringent and strict. What I found was that most of the articles there were of very high quality with HD images and photographs and elaborate descriptions and in fact many writers who are doing creative and research work are going to that site to read those articles related to their area of interest. This was sufficient for me to understand the reason of seriousness and sincerity of editors towards their workplace.

    All the sites in the web space are not equal. Some are doing very good while some are mediocre and some others are almost at the brink of closing. It is important where are we working and what is the creative energy amount flowing in that atmosphere. What we are adding there and what we are learning from them. Editors are only the facilitators in the process for a seamless flow of work.

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    I most humbly disagree with Mr. Umesh. The Editor must be sincere. He/she must be impartial and knowledgeable. All of these attributes are essential. But is it necessary to remain always serious? Shouldn't an Editor encourage the Members so that they produce better quality items?
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    In certain sites, the editors are also members of that site. A site should be of all. It should have serious, entertaining, humourous, funny and joyful posts, well-organised contests and competitions,, quiz and puzzles etc. Totally, a site should be interesting to serve and participate in activities. For this, the editors of the site should cooperate.

    @ Life on earth is to enjoy. Let the editors not make it a sorrowful.

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    In every work, you have to be sincere. One has to be sincere in her/his job otherwise there is no point in doing the job. Now if somebody is always serious while working, the atmosphere becomes dull. Humour is essential and having a sense of humour is a great quality. It is also true that we cannot take everything lightly and it varies depending upon the situation.

    As Dr Rao has rightly mentioned in his reply that there are people who always try to take advantage when somebody is behaving in a friendly manner, so we need to be aware of that and have to behave accordingly. I don't think all editors are serious and in many cases, this seriousness varies from person to person.


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    When I went through this thread, I really enjoyed it and smiled. I couldn't laugh as I was sitting with some people while browsing it via mobile in an Airport lounge. Also, it took me to the olden days of DD's question and answers session which used to be telecasted earlier. Those days the Dy. director used to respond to the questions and his posture used to be in a serious mood. The anchor used to read the question and he would give a reply. The questions may be about the improvement of the channel or their rating about the programme telecasted during the previous week etc. That used to be a family session for all of us too, just like Chitrhaar and I used to sit with my parents and my brother and sisters. In one episode, a sudden question was posed (may not be scrutinised or deliberately included, I don't know) - "Sir, why do you look serious when you respond to our questions? Why can't you make a sceptic smile on your face, at least while answering a question?"

    All of us laughed a lot very loudly and we could hear the same from our neighbourhood too. Even the anchor smiled and the respondent too. Later, he answered, "I am scared of the questions posed by the viewers and worried about their feedback. That is the real reason but I, too, am humorous and a human being with emotions."

    I think this answer would suffice the question posed by the author of this thread and I realised now that the earth is always round. Yesterday it was the turn of the Dy. Director, DD in the said episode, now it's ours and maybe yours' tomorrow!


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    Being sincere doesn't mean that one should serious. Regarding editors, they should sincere as one should be sincere in anything he or she does to be successful in life. But they should equally involve with the people and should participate in the discussions over here. Many of the people think that by being serious and not talking to others will make then unbiased and they will be able to judge the people easily. But that's the traditional way when editors used to work which should be changed now.

    Here on ISC, maybe this is lacking here in the forums as I dont see the active participation of editors.


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