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    How reliable are the pricings of online stores?

    There is change in the ways people shop. From the road corner kirana or provision shop we are slowly switching our loyalty to online stores.

    In many ways online stores are serving us in a better way as they are delivering at our door step and some of them are also having excellent return policies. In this age of internet and digitization, online stores are there to stay for a long time in the market and that also very successfully.

    I have observed that for some of the items these stores are showing hefty discounts sometimes to the tune of 70-80%. It is not understood how they are doing that. Going in the deep, I found that they are increasing the MRP significantly and then decreasing the prices after discount so that they come to that as compared to the local physical market or sometimes even lower than that.

    The gullible customers are very happy to buy at such a high discount and feel satisfied. So, it is basically a business gimmick by these big stores. Have you encountered such a thing when you buy from these stores? Please share your views.
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    Experience matter here.

    There are incidences that an order has been placed for an iPhone mobile but when received & unpacked then it was found to be the light weighted commodity placed inside instead of iPhone mobile. I don't know about how far these stories are true on the factual ground the internet shopping has an edge above other means of shopping. The perceptions & experiences would for sure be different for different individuals but still no matter what & above all adversaries you can purchase almost anything from the vegetables to the LCD TV in a few click with exceeding beyond the limitations if there is any.

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    Online shopping is picking up. Almost all commodities are available online these days. I have been observing that even vegetables also are at a lower cost than the physical market. Last Saturday we have gone to the weekly market and enquired the rates of vegetables and compared them with the online prices. Online prices are less. But the difference is the vegetable in the weekly market are very fresh. But the vegetables from the online store may not be that fresh.
    My observation is the prices of commodities are definitely less than the physical market. This may be due to the fewer overheads. Moreover, we have an advantage that we need not waste our time and we need not travel.

    always confident

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