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    Do You Really Know yourself?

    Do you think you know yourself?

    I ask again "Do you really know yourself?"

    If 'Yes' then, why do we seek guidance all the time? Why do we need others, and why do we seek their opinions before taking a some of the most important decisions of our life whether its about choosing the best career for your or a life partner with whom you going to spend your life with. Do you think somebody else can choose better when you, yourself aren't. That's why i doubt when people say they know themselves. I think the most difficult thing to do in this world is knowing yourself and your purpose of life.

    Knowing yourself is not easy, it takes lots of patience and efforts. Most of us never ever tried to know ourselves and spend all our life doing things we don't even know why we are doing. Living a purposeless life is really not a good idea of living and to know our purpose we really need to go inward. Going inwards is the only way to know ourselves. Going inwards means calming our mind, focusing on the thoughts that arises in our mind whether positive or negative, and finding a reason behind them.

    Only still mind knows what we want and why we want.
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    People who are always in a run for the money and who always thrive for worldly comforts can't know what they are?
    The greed they have will occupy their mind more than anything else. So they can't focus on themselves.
    Once we fulfil all our desires only can start thinking who am I and why I am here. But a major percentage of the people till their last-second can't forget their worldly relations and desires. Such people can never know who are they?

    always confident

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    As far as I am concerned I don't know myself fully if I know myself fully I may become a perfectionist and may not commit any mistake in life. Though I don't know myself fully yet I have full control over myself because when my mind says that I am wrong I don't do that work.

    Most of us take time to know ourself and sometimes we aren't able to do it in our lifetime. Few people don't know their strengths and they come to know it when some else let them realise that they have that strength.

    I remember my class teacher in the school always used to say that I have lots of potential in me but I never could let it show in the exams. She knew my strength and used to make me realise it. Maybe she wanted to motivate me to do well in the exams.

    Yes, it's true that it takes time for us to know about ourself.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Human mind is the most complex thing in this universe. It is not possible to know oneself. We can go on trying to find our own self, but it is only a journey. Very few people have been able to know themselves. Those who have been able to do this, have become 'Buddha'.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Will there be anybody who can answer this question affirmatively? I have my own doubts about it. If one knows himself/herself fully, several problems in one's life could have been easily solved. If I had known me thoroughly I would not have committed so many mistakes.(I felt later that many of my steps were not the right ones, since the results were not satisfactory). Like that there are several instances to show that I was not knowing me.

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    Knowing oneself is enlightenment and very few people achieve that. It is said that some great philosophers and spiritual saints could do that but it was always a thing reserved for a few.

    Many people will not like to venture in the territory of knowing oneself as there is a hidden fear of getting exposed to oneself by knowing the shortcomings and deficiencies more clearly and vividly. Once we know them we have to accept them gracefully and that is the point at which most of the people stumble.

    So pretending not to know oneself becomes the order of the day and in that disguise we seek all types of advices and confirmations from others.

    Knowledge is power.

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