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    Happy Women's Day today 8th March

    Better late than never. Today 8th March being Women's Day, I am surprised to see NO thread on this day about women. I realised it now and raising this thread to convey our greetings to all the women members of ISC a very Happy Women's Day. When it is about Women - I have great respect for them.

    Members, Praise the Women and post your congratulatory message to all our ISC Women members on this International Women's Day.
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    On the eve of the women's day,I am with their sides for their every involvements resulting in upliftment of the society be it a field of teaching, medicines or Engineering. Their duties are remarkable especially when they have added responsibility to look after their children for their better growth. I must appreciate their involvement and sincerity in the tasks assigned to them.
    ISC women members are definitely very constructive as we have witnessed their contributions in the different forums and hope with their sustained contributions, entire members of ISC will be benifited. I wish their happiness in every walk of their lives.

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    May women be victorious and prosperous.
    Let's celebrate our day.
    Happy Women's Day !!!

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    On International Women's Day, I wish that all human beings get respect and equal opportunity. There must not be any discrimination on the basis of gender.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Happy International Women's Day to all women members and editors in the ISC family. Women along with men always played a very important role since time immemorial but they always remain neglected. They remained oppressed in various ways in the male-dominated society and still, they remained oppressed in many places. Women all over the world fought for their rights and because of their tireless efforts, women are recognised everywhere nowadays. They excelled in every field and proved they cannot be left behind anymore.

    While this day is celebrated every year with a hope that everywhere women will be treated equally and the government also announce specific measures so that more women can participate in different activities, the crime against women is on the rise. We all have a role here. To protest and to punish the culprits. When we cannot do it alone, we must take the help of the law enforcement agencies so that no culprits go unpunished. My respect for every woman on this day. You move forward fearlessly, you are bound to win.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Happy women's day to all the women and request all the people to respect them and treat them equally.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Happy women's day and let us take a pledge today that we will consider and spread the message that men and women are equal in all respect and until unless we respect women we will never get the love and affection which they can share with us to make our life happy.

    Women their selves by nature are having soft attributes of nature embedded in them and with a little respect and care we can get complete cooperation and help from them. By forcing them to work and serve us in a dominating environment will only deteriorate the relationship.

    Most of the quarrels in the family start from this point only - forcing and dictating women to certain things and treating them as inferior in many respect. It is not that men only are responsible for it. Even some women sometimes torture the other woman in the house and it creates a separation and fight.

    Treating woman with respect is the only perfect way to keep a happy atmosphere in a family.

    Knowledge is power.

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    International women's day envisions all world to uplift womenfolk from the burden of discrimination across the world. Let's resolve to uphold the honour and rights of women in society. It is important to encourage our women for a better education. Shun the toxicity and hatred against women.

    We can't progress until the womenfolk are brought into the main progressive track. We should take all necessary and credible measure to uplift and uphold the honour of women because a citizen of the country it is our responsibility.

    So let's take the pledge to empower women and lift her from the chains of discrimination and work for the betterment of her life. Let's liberate women from the difficult situations they face everywhere.

    Respecting women is respecting humanity! To make a progressive society, empowerment of women is crucial.

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    Happy women's day to all the lady members of ISC. There is a lady behind the success of every man. The house in which the woman is respected and given importance will always have happiness. It is never good for the family if the woman is shedding tears. So it is the duty of everyone to see that the lady in the house should be happy.

    She will be getting up early in the morning and taking care of the needs of the family members and in that process, she may be forgetting her own well being. They will be on duty 24X7. There are no holidays and Sundays for them. Even working women will work hard in the house for the needs of the family members. We all should appreciate her patience and respect her forever and always.

    As a mother, as a wife, as a sister, as a mother in law and as a grandmother, she has been taking many responsibilities and trying to satisfy everybody. My salutations all the women on this special day and once again a happy women's day to all.

    always confident

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    Happy woman's day and let us all unitedly work for women empowerment and gender equality.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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