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    Can the 'Right to be offline' reduce mobile addiction to some extent?

    You won't like if somebody looks down on you. If somebody looks down on another then somehow it shows the arrogance of that person. Nowadays almost everybody looks down, not on others but on their mobile devices. I am startled at the study report that says on an average, Indians spend around three hours per day with their smart mobile devices. Then we can say in a week almost a day is spent to fiddle with our mobile devices. This study must have been conducted on Nomophobiacs, otherwise, this is something alarming. During 2017, we, Indians downloaded 12.1 billion apps on our smart mobile devices whereas in the US it is 11.3 billion. At least, we are ahead in this sector.

    While there are many health issues that may arise because of mobile addiction, it seems the addiction is increasing day by day. I hope most of you are aware of the "Right to be offline" campaign which was initiated by the French as a reformist measure in their labour force. It is implemented there also in many companies and I feel it is quite logical too. Do you think if "Right to be offline" is strictly implemented in this county, there will be a reduction in mobile addiction?
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    Any addiction is a bad thing in our life and mobile is no exception. It is slowly taking an epidemic form and we will have to find ways and means to get rid of this evil sooner or later.

    I think the campaign Right to be offline is an interesting and useful step in this direction. I will suggest that there are some more measures like not taking these devices with you when going for a picnic or outing and only one member should keep one mobile for communicating in emergencies. That will help and people will get solace for sometime.

    There could be many such measures and hopefully by adopting them we can reduce our exposure time to this.

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    A right to be offline is still a right. It may or may not be exercised. But the duty to be offline should be a thing. But the problem is we accommodate too many in this virtual life of others to spend in 3 hours merely. There are so many to pay attention to and the amount of hours available only feels smaller. A proper allocation and prioritization is required. I myself am using phone a lot nowadays. Much more than 3 hours. I know its very bad to my eyes but I have no choice. I've got too many people to pay attention to and too much work around my phone. If there was a duty to stay offline, I would follow that. Because it is a duty. And that will make every one much more productive.
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    No one forces us to be online always. We are only responsible for this. Some people switch off their cellphones when they are in an urgent work and in the nights. No one can question them. Many people will not sleep till 12 midnight and they go on working on their phones. This will also spoil the health of the individual.
    My mother is 80 years old she will be on her smartphone in the night 11 PM talking to my brothers and sisters. I have requested all of them not to give a ring to her after 9 PM. So that she can go to sleep by at least 10 PM. She will get up at 5 AM.
    Losing time is once accept and the other one losing health also. Many of the productive hours during office hours is last because of these smartphones. Some of the offices these days are restricting the cell phones up to the security of the office only. The employees have to deposit their cellphones in the security and go inside and while leaving the office they have to collect it back.

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    Nice information shared by the author. Yes, this will definitely help. Some people are so much addicted to it that they have to consult the psychological advisors for this. This looks ridiculous but it is true.
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    The ill - effect of the smartphone due to emanation of Ray's has been felt long back and the health - practiceners including the social - workers are really worried over the indiscreet usage of such apparatus. The author has collected the datas of usage of downloading in the US and it reflects that our level of usage is comparatively higher than theirs.
    The bad - effects of smartphone has been realised across the globe and a drive to curtail the usage is their urgent focus.
    The bad effects of the over usage of smartphones result in hypertension, indigestion and partial deafness. Sometimes total deafness may also occur. Hence we must take an appropriate step to desist from the excess usage so that we keep our health in a perfect order.

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