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    Toxicity to women:- some reasons.

    A person starts their life being wrapped in the shivering hand of women. But what goes wrong when the same person ends up being the most toxic person to women? Well the answer doesn't limit to one, its the combination of societal pressure on males to show their dominance by abusing women, the frustration that develops over the time because of the unusual standards that are set by no one in particular yet accepted by all and most of all the acceptance of abuse by women by being told that acceptance is the key to their survival in this society and that they cannot change this.

    But even a small step can work like fire, what steps on an individual level can be taken to change this way?
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    Historically, traditionally and culturally women were subjected to atrocities and injustice in most of the societies and it was a global phenomenon not restricted to a particular caste or creed.

    There are inherent differences the way men and women perceive things in their life and it is the difference in their approach to the relationships that is to be understood by each of them if a cordial coexistence is to be enacted.

    Unfortunately, the men always thought their selves as the bread winner for the family and women were supposed to serve them. Some men even treated them like bonded labour. Even making love to women was at the discretion of men.

    With time, the things started to change as women also got right to education and came out the closet to enjoy the life outside the walls of their houses.

    This led to a confrontation between the two sexes as men never liked the rise of women to those glorious heights which was only men's prerogative.

    This brought some relief but still the masculine and animal behaviour of some men is a threat to the chastity of women and we have to go a long way to get gender equality and women empowerment in its true spirit.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The so called toxic men are rare compared to the better gentler men outside. You can see that by noticing just the sheer volume of people that come to help to a woman in need. The toxicity is definitely because of the ego inherent in males. But for every one such males there are several others who are not that way. Maybe we guys will be an example to them and help them tackle their ego.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    The woman is an important part of human life. Without a woman, the world will come to a grinding halt. The woman is an indispensable part of our life. They deserve respect and not toxicity which people churn against them most of the time.

    International woman's day gives us the message of upholding the rights and privileges of a woman in society. They are very well part of our society and deserve equality and respect in society. Degrading a woman and snatching all her freedom is a grave injustice to her. We should always pay due respect to a woman.

    Let's take a pledge on this day to pay all the respect to a woman and give them the freedom to express and all rights and privileges they deserve. Empower woman; Shun toxicity and discrimination against woman. Celebrating woman's day is not enough but give them respect, honour and their rights so they live a peaceful life.

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    A small salt piece will spoil the entire pot of milk. In the same way, a few unfair and evil males are spoiling the name of the males in general. There are many people who respect women in many ways.
    One of my relatives spent his whole life without even getting married to serve his mother. When she was not able to move this person used to carry her in his hands and used to feed her. He was a very famous doctor in Warangal of Telangana and an RSS swayam Sevak.
    My own uncle (Father's brother) served his mother who was bedridden for about 4 years. He used to take care of her like we treat a small kid.
    One of my friend's wife was sick. My friend used to take care of her and see that she will be comfortable. After she died also he never married again.
    Just I mentioned this to say that there are good males also.
    Abusing women is not at all acceptable and the law should take it seriously and punish the culprits so that no one will dare to do similar actions again. But the law is very slow and the culprits are roaming outside happily without any problem. This trend should change. Then only they will be safe in the world.

    always confident

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    I agree with the following portion in the previous post: "..In the same way, a few unfair and evil males are spoiling the name of the males in general. There are many people who respect women in many ways..."
    Nowadays we read and hear a lot of reports about atrocities on men perpetrated by women. The current laws somehow have a favourable bias towards women and it is difficult for a man to get relief for men who suffer in various ways from women. That is why we have seen reports of associations of suffering husbands.

    I am one who is against all violence from or to anyone irrespective of age and gender. Deliberate violence -physical or mental has to be punished by true and just laws.

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