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    Stock footage and stock audio.

    I thought I would talk about some tools in cinematography. I talked about lighting in movies earlier. In this thread . Now I want to talk about stock video and audio. What is a stock footage? In order to save money and time sometimes random footage from past, either shot by the filmmakers or the previous filmmakers. For an instance a movie about war can consist stock footage of two cavalry charging towards each other. Stock footage can be identifier by following characters. They are random clips with no plot point on their own. The clips last for only few seconds. Stock footages are often chosen from movies that were made a long time ago to escape copyright. In popular media one can find stock footages in the opening songs of Indian serials where just a random assortment of clips keep running behind the opening song. It is a widely used tool. Amateur filmmakers always use stock footages.
    Stock audio can be found best used in horror media. We all know atleast that one sound that is used in every horror movie ever. That is a stock audio free for anyone to use. Our ringtones can be called stock audio in a sense too. Stock audios too save time and money from composing original tracks of the movies.
    But both of them are cheap looking and sounding techniques. That is why lately most producers have stopped going to them. The huge reduction of those "flashback" scenes in movies is a proof for this. Instead movies nowadays use a time skip. Characters handle past and present simultaneously. This technique was what I recently saw in the movie "Zero". Nothing unique to the movie but just a ready example.
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    Very interesting information by the author. In the film industry people use these things as they are available on the self and useful in heir production.

    I was not aware of this terminology and thank the author for bringing this post about the cinema industry. I look upon more such informative and knowledge pieces in forum section as that helps us in learning new things and terminology.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is true that some shots which were used in earlier movies will be used in another movie to avoid reshooting. NTR produced Dana Veera Soora Karna. In this movie, he has used some scenes already shot in his earlier movie. It will be an advantage for the filmmaker. But they have to take permission from the producer of the original movie. Otherwise, there may be a problem with the earlier movie maker.
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