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    An analysis of unsolicited advice.

    Modern age is age of commenting and making advice. Everyone is ready to that anywhere anytime. It is good that people are communicative and give comments to everything happening in this planet.

    At the same time we observe many times that some people have a habit of giving unsolicited advice and it becomes a bit offending and irritating when without reference or inquisition someone starts that process.

    In my view we should avoid giving unsolicited advice as it is something which does more damage to the relations between the people rather then helping them in the matter.

    What is your opinion about this?
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    It is easy to give suggestions. Many people will give free suggestions. We need not ask them also. They will interfere in all the matters and give some suggestion. They never practice what they say. But they will advise others.
    In my opinion, unsolicited should not be given. Even for our family members also sometimes we should restrain ourselves from giving suggestions to others
    Another point one should see before giving any suggestion is how confident we are in advising somebody to follow certain aspects. If really someone follows our advise they should get benefitted. Otherwise, we should not somebody to follow our suggestion.

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    Some people have this habit but they are not liked by their friends and relatives for such a behaviour.

    I think it may form as a habit and the individual can not control himself and utters some suggestion whether you need it or not.

    Anyway we can not do anything for such people because cutting short them will also make them angry and offensive.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes, there are people who are always ready to give us advice. They always try to interfere with others' affairs and will express their views in each case. They will advice where it is gone wrong and how to make it right even when the listener is feeling irritated. Generally, people having the habit of giving advice all the time are avoided by others but they do not bother much.

    From my own experience, I have seen that they will somehow find even unknown persons and start communicating on some issues. If they somehow disagree on his viewpoint, those persons will shout at them and will try to prove how right they are. Maybe it's a nature of a few to always give unsolicited advice. When people are not aware of something it is always necessary to make them aware but when they do not require any advice, they may feel irritated if others try to advise them without knowing things in details.


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