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    Nothing will bring more happiness than success

    In our lives, we will be trying many things and we try for success in all our attempts. Even after trying hard to the maximum extent possible we may not be able to get the desired results. That will make is frustrated and we may lose interest in working further. If we attain the desired goals we will feel very happy and we feel high of ourselves. We will get inspired and try to do some other activities and we will take up new projects.
    But some people even after losing they will not get disappointed and they will make further attempts to reach the goals. But some people without sincerely trying for success, they will blame something or other as the reason for their failure.
    Universally it is agreed that success is the source of happiness in our lives.
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    It is true that success is a source of happiness, but if failure becomes the only reason for unhappiness then people won't be able to try further after failing once. Actually, happiness has to be the basic requirement for taking things forward. Just think of a situation like this. If you feel unhappy for some reason, you will not feel like to work, you may feel demoralized too and this is going to make you anxious. Success undoubtedly will bring happiness, but we should not feel unhappy if we are not successful. We have to analyze the reasons for failure and after taking the necessary remedial actions we must try again.

    Those who are never disappointed after any number of failures are really successful people. They never bother about the outcome and just follows the process which is required to carry out the task. When they fail they find out another process without deviating from their goal. Here perseverance is the key and if somebody is really unhappy I think it is not possible to proceed further.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Very true. Nothing succeeds like success.

    The return of success to us as a subsequent to our efforts is something which varies from person to person.

    Some people work hard but get their objectives achieved only after a lot of toiling and struggle. On the contrary, some achieve it quickly.

    There comes the mythological and spiritual concept of destiny and luck.

    Other conditions being the same some people are luckier in this world. Their success is directly proportional to their efforts.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Of course, Success is a source of happiness and it is a sweet medicine for mental peace. It provides you with all the satisfying feelings. An individual is tested by tests and success in these test becomes his identity and each and everyone starts encouraging him for the success.
    But failures are a big disappointment for an individual and it shakes an individual sometimes. We should remember failures are just a stepping stone towards success and what we need is proper strategy and planning to get success.
    Life is full of experiments and failures are oblivious. Perseverance, persistence and hard work are the keys to achieve success besides proper planning. Success is a mood changer, it brings you a feeling of excitement and positivity. Success is advancement and progression, it is the feeling of feeling at the top of the world even when you succeed in small endeavor! Success always feels great!

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    Definitely true. Success is the source of happiness. Not only that, it creates an urge to become more successful.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Definitely, success is the source of our happiness. People strive hard to achieve their goals and when they achieve the desired result after the hard work they obviously will happy and why not when someone's hard work gets a positive result.

    There are persons in the world too who when fail and don't taste the success in life blame others for their failure.

    I remember when my son was learning to drive a bicycle and fell off many times he never used to blame himself he always uses to say that brakes of the bicycle are not okay or the there was a pit on the road or someone came suddenly in front of him. I used to laugh at him and used to say that once he will learn it properly everything will become okay.

    Similarly, for our failures, we try to find out the excuses instead of trying again after leaning the previous mistakes.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    There is no doubt in that every person will accept the statement by the author. In fact, one starts working something only seeing a success at the end. A student studies hard only to gain a success at the end of the course. A employment seeker feels very Happy when he gets a joining memo. Like this if something expected comes through one it is a success inviting happiness.
    This success gets doubled when the success was unexpected. Winning a lottery is one such. I recollect an experience I had when I was a student. In my college there were degree programmes in about ten different subjects. I was a student of B.Sc. Mathematics. The college conducts in December a college level examination for every batch. That year after the examinations were over, the Principal announced that the topper in these examinations, irrespective of subjects will be awarded a special gold medal (installed by the previous Principal). Total marks obtained by every student in all papers of all final year students were taken for finding out the topper. One day our Professor came to the class and announced about this award and added that the same was won by a student in that class. He named me. I don't know how the news was received by me. I was do happy, perhaps the most happiest moment in my whole student days. It was never expected till that moment.


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    It is fact that success bring smile to our lips. It is the result of our efforts and every one will like that one's efforts are materialised.

    Success does not only depend on efforts. There are other factors like circumstances, intensity of competition, approach of a person, nepotism etc which also affect it.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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