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    Why people have the habit of judging others?

    It happens with all of us. Since childhood, I have noticed people judge people. Even though a person may not be able to realise that the thing which he or she is doing is right or wrong but people will easily judge them and don't feel shy to tell him or her that they were wrong.

    I don't understand why they point out if someone is wrong and why don't they appreciate the right things.

    In my opinion, as human beings, we feel the unavoidable urge to judge people as good or bad, right or wrong. Unfortunately, we human beings, find it difficult to accept anyone having a different opinion, belief system and mindset. If a person is doing something different or something not unseen by others in society, she/he automatically is being judged by the people.

    It's strange why we don't accept people of different opinions?

    Do you fall into this category or do you have a broad mindset?.
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    We always try to judge others maybe because we think we are always doing things in the right way. Many people are unable to accept if somebody has a different opinion on a particular issue. But interestingly everybody is unique and entitled to has her/his own opinion. There will be similarities, dissimilarities and even controversies but being judgemental every time will always produce a biased view.

    By being judgemental, we try to judge the mentality and characteristics of others. Inside our mind, you can say we create an imaginary page that has all the specialities of a particular characteristic listed. We do this from our experience by interacting with various persons which often helps to a certain extent. In many cases, conflict arises because the specialities of a particular characteristic in the imaginary list do not match with the real person. It is always advisable to have a clear mind, the more judgemental we become the more chances of conflict arise.


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    Many people have a nature to poke everywhere and give advice as well as judgement on the happenings. It is a common trait. At the same time if these people are asked to cooperate in some good work voluntarily they will make hundreds of excuses to escape and will not come forward.

    In our neighbourhood there was a neglected park which was renovated by some senior citizens and seeing their involvement now the local municipality also joined to help them and it has come up so nicely that it is full of family people in the evening. We have also started going there for morning walk. One day, one of my friends told that on some days let us also go their in the morning and join those senior citizens in up keeping of the place. Though most of us always talk about cleanliness and give quick judgemental statements on that but to my surprise many of us were a bit reluctant to go and help them. They were making silly excuses which even a child can easily decipher.

    So talking, advising and having judgements on things is one thing but being serious about things and contribute our bit in good things is entirely a different matter and unfortunately that is what we are lacking today in our society.

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    Yes, people have become judgmental, they are only making commentaries on the matters that are far away from their domain.

    Supposedly, I would say that only doctors can diagnose a patient and treat his patients but unfortunately, common people have started advising patients to take this medicine or that and have become "doctors". This type of being a judgemental can be dangerous sometimes and we should avoid this at all cost.

    In our daily routine activities, people can be seen arguing unnecessarily trying present themselves as a better person. Such traits are there in people. Every one is advising others to this and that but when it comes to their own responsibilities they run away! This is how these judgemental people deal with the situations.
    It is always better to stay away from gosspings and judging people. A person you are judging wrong can be much better than you and may have already proved his worth that you may not be knowing.

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    It is true that many people give judgements in a wink of eye and feel proud of it. Actually it is silly to do that. I am not using the word foolish for them as that encompasses a bigger canvass.

    It is silly to do that because no one is asking to give one's verdict. If at all it is required people will come and apprise the facts and figures of the matter and ask for a solution and judgement. Then only one has to show one's knowledge and prudence.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is just a must for existence in this world. Whatever may be one's approach to different issues, it necessitates to know how others look at it. It is a human behaviour pattern - "I am always right, the mistakes are done by others". Reasons to justify one's stand will easily be put forth, and will never try to understand other's stand.
    We see this attitude among politicians, religious people and such others who stick to certain ideologies. In fact this attitude existing in majority of the people we face all issues in the society. Even the wars between countries are resulting just because of such attitudes among the rulers.


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    This is a common trait in many people. They never hesitate to comment on others. They judge others actions as if they are 100% correct and they will never do any mistake. They will forget that if one finger is pointed to others the remaining four fingers will be pointing you.
    This attitude we see more in politicians. Even after the Supreme Court gives its verdict on a particular issue, some leaders will never leave that point as if they have never done any corrupt practice in their whole career. This will initiate a large discussion for and against.
    The persons will poke into the issues of others pass their own judgement on others acts even though they are no way concerned with that. I have seen some people who say what others did is wrong but after some time they will behave in the same and support their stand saying that the circumstances are different.

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    I am OK you are not OK is a transnational theory developed by a US psychiatrist Mr. Eric Berne. We try to find fault with others and pass judgments. We rarely introspect courses and judge ourselves whether I am right or wrong. When point one finger to other we always should remember remaining four fingers are pointing at you. We should reach a stage I am OK and you are also OK.
    "If you don’t understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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