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    Imagine a life without any controversy

    There are people, everywhere, who like to make an issue always complicated. Their standpoint is always different than the rest. Whatever may be the issue, they will make certain controversial comments on it, even which is not related to the issue. Actually, people like these are there in almost every field. There are a few politicians in our country who always like controversy, there are journalists, actors and many other professionals who possess this quality. I am calling this a special quality because it keeps others engaged.

    Now there may be various reasons why they wish to be in the eyes of a storm. Maybe they want special attention from the people around them, maybe they think it will increase their popularity, whatever may be the reason it's clear they like the hype. To some extent, this action is similar to the activities of a few overactive online social media addicts who continuously post updates on an hourly basis. They also want the attention of others. Whether you like them or not, they are helping to keep the rest active too. After all, if there is no controversy, life will be somewhat dull.
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    Yes, that's true few people always want to be in controversies just to gain attention from the people.

    As controversies, make things more interesting to talk about. It's pretty boring if everyone has the same opinion, so a little bit of dispute keep them being discussed among the people.

    By making controversial remarks or comments anywhere they grab the attention of the people and get happy just because they feel that they are in limelight and people are talking about them. But in the process of this, they forget that people may be abusing them because their remarks or comments may not be liked by the people.

    I remember one of the actresses " Poonam Pandey" who does many such things frequently just for the limelight but she may not know that she is not much liked by the people. Maybe she knows it but still, she does it. Similarly, we common people like to be in the limelight.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    It is a good thought that without controversies life would be dull but we should not generate controversies to create fun in life.

    Controversies are created by those people who do not want to cooperate and do not want to follow the others however good and correct the other person might be. These people want to lead rather to follow.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    If we see the temple car (rath) moving on the streets, a person putting a slope type wood with handle at the wheels at frequent intervals. This is to control, move the car fast. Similar to that controversy in our life is inevitable for our success or correction as we may be wrong sometimes in our point. Moreover if everyone nodded for our tunes it won't be a nice move and seems to be interest less.

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    Controversies arise due to different ways people perceive different things. Every one has his own way of looking at life. So differences arise and controversies are generated. Controversies are also produced when we discuss and comment on things illogically and irrationally without thinking what we are attempting at.

    Sometimes wrong usage of words and sentences in a language create confusions and controversies due to no clarity in the material spelt out.

    In any society controversies will remain as there are sufficient people generating it day and night. Many times controversies are born due to misunderstandings also. It is a unfortunate thing but happens.

    Prudent and wise people refrain from controversies though the world will always like to tangle them in it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There is no life without controversies. It is very difficult to get a unanimous decision always on all issues. But there are some people who want the issue to be made controversial even though there is no chance for controversy there. Such people differ from all other people and try to make an issue out of nothing. There are some people who want to create a doubt in the minds of the people and try to convince the people as if he is the only person who can understand the things well. This is mainly due to their intention of making the issue complicated and then try to ease out with their interference.
    These days many channels and newspapers giving more importance to such news which will create controversies among the people. They bring out small issues in a big way and try to create a controversy in society. The politicians Will also try and support such issues so that their name will also come into public and they will get more popularity.

    always confident

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