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    How is that the richest industrialists do whatever they want?

    Anil Ambani is the poster boy of all that is rotten with rogue industrialists in India. He started dabbling in a huge number of businesses. He never ever had any focus and the open spat with his brother, the cunning Mukesk Ambani, did him no good.

    That the latter has also accumulated huge debts after he made Jio the game changer in the cell phone industry, literally driving the entire industry into the red, is worrisome. God only knows if his strategies will become fine. The Rs1500 cell phone from Jio is a clumsy attempt at attracting the lowest middle class and the rock bottom people as well, with Rs49 packages, designed to virtually kill the competition. The cell phone is useless as it can never be used for data. It's very design does not give the customers that benefit or luxury.

    The Essar group, the GVK group and Jindal and JK groups all have the horrible companies making record losses. No one knows when and how the money will ever come back. The net cumulative debts of these irresponsible rogue industrialists is one lakh crore

    How do we put an end to this nonsense? Should we not have a National Credit Board , made up of the best Management Consultants and economists to get every single plan of such companies running into several thousands of crores? How will we safeguard the Indian banks?

    And of course, your money and our money?
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    A very good and contemporary thought raised by the learned author and I appreciate the concern wholeheartedly.

    When the industries are managed by the Govt then a lethargy sets in the system and people start to form unions and in stead of working start all sort of protests and campaigns and the productivity of those organisations goes down and their purpose only remains for giving employment to the people.

    On the other hand when we go for encouragement of private entrepreneurs and give access to them to do business in all the areas where it was erstwhile the privilege of Govt only, they do very good and far better than the Govt sector and soon become a business magnate in the country and then start manipulating things in their own ways.

    Today Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Instagram, Hike and many others are getting an annual turnover of crores of rupees and giving a tough time to Govt agencies even to understand their methodology of working what to say of correcting them or bringing them under the legal regulations.

    Even in developed countries the Govt set up in an area is far behind their private counterparts.

    So it is a catch 22 situation. We allowed the lions to roam aggressively in the jungles and now we are worrying how to tame them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Deleted being duplicate.
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    Industrialists are like the backbones of a country. Most importantly, they provide employment to the public which the government cannot. What government cannot do, mainly on the job sector, is done by the rich industrialists. Hence our government is forced to clear their way and permit whatever they want to do.
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    In developed countries the productivity is maintained by the private sector. Govt is only there to regulate and keep a control on them so that they do not err anything which goes against the Govt policies and harms the common public.

    We have to regulate and control on them but we need them for progress and development.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Privatisation is the only way to keep up productivity and create jobs in the country. That is why our government is giving more importance to Make in India concept. Otherwise, there is no employment potential in the country. in this process some industrialists start their journey in a humble way and very cautious till they settle. Once they settled well and they are comfortable with the financials, they try to do whatever they feel like and play with the public money.
    A strict vigilance from the government side on these private industries is required. But unfortunately, these big industrialists will control the political parties by giving them huge party funds and politicians can't do anything against them. This is the worst part.
    The politicians, as well as these industrialists, will not have any values or ethics. The only goal of the industrialists is to kill other competitors and become big. The politicians will be always after power.

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    For everything money is needed.
    As far as there is demand for heavy money, especially in politics and governance, money making sectors will have the prominence and influence.
    The main choice is industrialists, jewellers, real estate business men and liquor barons.
    As politics and government need money those who give it magnanimously naturally have the command to get what they want. They will dictate the terms and conditions.

    This is the same case everywhere in the world and not just in our country.

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