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    Distance makes the heart grow fonder

    We as humans sometimes definitely need break from our hectic life schedule and slow down a bit. This allows us to rejuvenate ourselves and then again start fresh with new enthusiasm. But is this true about relations too? Do relations also need a break sometimes so that they become even stronger and sweeter?

    It is said that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Similarly, for any important relationships of life like husband and wife, friends, son/daughter and father/mother sometimes a period of absence or distance from each other actually refreshes the relationship.

    Just for example a husband and wife may be always with each other every day for years and years. This may sometimes lessen the sweetness in the relationship as more they stay with each other, more they talk and get close to each other, sometimes there will be misunderstandings and difference in opinions. The daily drag of a busy life can also have an impact on the relationship. They may start taking each other for granted. But it is seen that for some reason if they happen to separate from each other for some time due to the things like a husband going out of city or country for office work or wife going to her parent's place then things change. This is the time when they can no more be with each other and they start missing each other. They understand the importance and value of their relationship. Hence when they meet after the break the relations start with a fresh bonding.

    So, do you feel sometimes relations get tarnished a bit by constantly being with each other or talking to each other and getting too close and used to each other? Do you feel distance or period of absence in any relations sometimes works as a catalyst to rejuvenate the relationship?
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    A very good post by the author. Distance makes relations stronger. These days we hear many times that daughters are more affectionate towards their parents than sons. It may also be due to this phenomenon only, I think. Daughters will leave their parents after marriage and go with their husbands. So they will be away from them. So their relation will become stronger. The parents may be living together with their sons.
    When we see a friend after a long time we will feel very happy but we will not feel like that when we meet a friend whom we meet every day.
    It is true that we need a break. if the person is away for sometime from his wife. he will feel like meeting her and the affection may improve.

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    No, I dont agree with it. A relation can never be stronger with the distance. If you have less communication and there are chances that you may have less understanding in that case. Without a good understanding, a relationship cannot be stronger.

    But it is also not necessary that after having communication, you have a good relationship. There should be honesty and love in the relationship to be stronger. It is noticed that sometimes when we are with someone for a long time we need a break and maybe then understand the importance of that person in our life.

    Personally, when my wife gets bored she goes to her parents home for a few days and when she returns she feels the relationship much fresh and strong and that's applicable for everyone I guess.


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    An interesting thread posted by the author.

    Sometimes a break may bring new joys in life but it may not be true in all circumstances. It actually depends on the mutual relations that how a person will behave towards another after a break.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It depends on many situations and I think this break or distance works when there is a serious misunderstanding between the two. In any relationship, there can be misunderstandings and when the situation is serious, the two need separation for a while to cool off. When they are alone and separated they try to realize their faults and if there is a good bonding between the two, then they start missing each other.

    Actually, there are many factors that build up a good relationship and if the bonding remains distance never matters.


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    Break gives a change from routine, it kills the monotony and generally the phase after the break is pleasurable.

    When it comes to the analysis of relationships and behaviour after the break then it solely depends upon the subtle and underlying relationship between the people and that dominates the post break scenario rather than the beak itself.

    So, generally break is only a change and nothing more than that.

    Knowledge is power.

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