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    To hope or not to hope?

    Hoped for success but did not get it? – Feeling demoralized, isn't it?

    Didn't hope for success but got it? – Feeling unrealistically joyful and out of the world right?

    Hoped for success and got it? – Feeling good and relieved but that was expected.

    Didn't hope for success and didn't get it? – Feeling little bad but didn't deserve so didn't get it. No heartbreaks!

    Now I am wondering if I have done something and expecting the results of it should which is the best out of above?
    I think being hopeful and hopeless both have their pros and cons.
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    The invisible support in our life is hope. It is the biggest gift of nature to us. People live in hope throughout their life and that is the nectar of our life flowing in our brain and body.

    We work hard or sometimes do mediocre efforts but we have aspirations and expectations and all these attributes sit on the canvass of hope in our life.

    Without hope, life is dull like a dead wood. Hope is the light on the other side of the tunnel. In spite of repeated defeats and failures in our life we have that ray of hope inside us which again readies us to fight and struggle and achieve our goals.

    Knowledge is power.

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    We should always be hopeful in every situation but of course for not the things we have not done. As per the saying " God helps those who help themselves" so we cannot just sit and hope that money will flow in our account.

    Similarly, if we have worked hard for a particular thing then we must hope for the positive consequences. The hard work never goes in vain if done properly. It's not that hard work always pay as sometimes we might not have done the proper planning and might not have made the strategy which might be the result of our failure.

    I usually hope when somewhere in my mind I know the positive outcome of my work. I normally dont hope for the good when I dont have confidence on myself and still in such case I get success than its a bonus and it definitely makes me happy.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Hope is a power booster in an individual even when you have little expectation of achieving success. Hope is a ray of life and it instills a person with "oxygen" and energy to stay intact in a difficult situation. After working hard it is hoped that we look to and expect better results.

    Hopelessness is dullness, it indicates despair and disappointment. It is quite the opposite of positivity and optimism. It drapes you in trouble and upsets you for being pessimistic. Hopelessness snatches our confidence and halts our progress in life- the biggest drawback!

    Failures are part of our life but hope for better lifts us to success. Failure are not the failures until a person accepts it and stops fighting. We can struggle in life but the fighting spirit, positivity, and helpfulness strengthen us to achieve our goal.

    Hope and indomitable will is a person's success, and pessimism, and hopelessness our failure!

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    Hoping is a positive attribute in our life and we must hope for betterment and success in our life till the last breath.

    Without hope life has no meaning. It will be in a dark alley if we do so.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Without hope, there is no life. We always live with hope only. Starting work with a hope that we will be successful and will get the desired result is always a positive attitude. We should not start any work with doubt or without hope.
    Once we do our best, the result will be positive only. But sometimes it may go another way also. We should not get frustrated and we should not kill our hope. Then only we will be successful in our life.
    When we hope for something and do the best way possible and except a positive result, if the outcome is the other way we will feel too much bad. We may not get convinced ourselves with the result. Even such condition also we should not lose our hope.

    always confident

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    A nice thread that shows the condition of many people in reality. We all are living on hope. Even during failure, we keep on trying hoping that we will succeed the next time. Hope brings positivity and boosts us in many ways. Now if we feel demoralized when unsuccessful, it will be difficult to proceed further. It pulls us back and we won't be able to try when feeling demoralized. Rather feeling dejected, we have to analyze the situation to find what went wrong.

    We may have worked very hard thinking the task will be completed successfully but it may also happen that we missed certain processes of the job. The feeling of dejection or anxiety will lower our sense of presence and we won't be able to judge the situation properly. Therefore, we should not lose hope in any situation and try harder by properly analyzing the reasons behind any unsatisfactory outcome.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    One becomes hopeless only after he/she knows that the hope is not attainable in the given situation, and the alternate is not so easy. But even such a 'hope-less' person will also have a 'hope against hope'.
    Personally from my amany experience I am of the opinion that if we are having realistic hopes and if we feel have the conviction about our hope and work for that, we will not have a situation to be 'hope-less' at all.

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