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    If he or she was the Prime Minister of India in 1999....

    Congress President Rahulji now questions Modiji as to who released Masood Azar in the year 1999 from the jail and sent to Kandahar? Atal Behari Vajpayee of BJP was then Prime Minister and has saved the life of 176 passengers from the hijackers by meeting their demand to release Masood Azar.

    My question is:-
    1. If Rahul Gandhi/Sonia was Prime Minister then, what they could have done to save the passengers of the hijacked aircraft?
    2. If Rahul Gandhi/Sonia was one among the passengers of the hijacked aircraft, what they could have done?

    Members, Kindly respond to each question separately.
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    They would have done exactly what the government at that time did. How can someone risk the life of 176 innocent people?. It's strange why he's questioning it now. By making such a statement he is reducing his vote bank.

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    On the basis of my discussions with some middle-level and higher-level military officers with whom I have worked, I wrote a story on the possible events after the Kandahar hijack. I request the present Members to read the story:-
    A possible/impossible story

    But the question is: Was the coalition Government have sufficient mental strength to initiate commando operations against the terrorists? No political party at that time (Congress included) had the will and conviction to carry out an operation like Operation Thunderbolt which the Israelis carried out in Uganda after the plane hijack.

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    Initiating an commando action against the terrorist is always a risky endeavour especially when they are holding some hostages with them. So, it requires guts, boldness and courage to withstand the wrath of public and there are very few people in this world what to say of India those who can take such bold actions. So the answer to the questions is obvious.

    Today Mr Modi has showcased an example of boldness, without any politics or publicity, in front of the whole world and everyone has taken cognisance of that with applaud.

    Mr Modi has very categorically declared that we will not do any offence but we very well know that how to deal with terrorism. He has a strong feeling to bring Kashmir to main stream of our country and he knows that until unless we finish the terrorism nothing is going to work there.

    Some people in opposition are desperate and worried with his success and are doing all sort of confused activities and giving irrelevant statements which is going against them only.

    The opposition has missed the bus of election by not joining and applauding Mr Modi in this patriotic accomplishment.

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    1. If Rahul/Sonia was the Prime Minister at that time if they are intelligent enough like Atalji. they might have done just the same what the then government has done. If they are not intelligent enough they might have gone for other action which might have cost us our independence. The actions of a Prime Minister like Atalji who was very matured can't be understood by immature politicians. Their comments can just be ignored and leave like that. From the hostage, if a single was killed, the same party might have created a big controversy at that time. Judging others actions and commenting on those actions is very easy.
    2. If Rahul/Sonia was there in the flight which was hijacked they might have blamed the government saying that the government is very inactive and they might have said the government has taken a long time to take a decision and they have no concern for the people in the hijacked flight. A doctor told when he was undergoing a surgery that I have done many surgeries but I never felt this much pain. So when we are involved the point will be different from when we are not involved.

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    If the Members want to discuss the issue of hostage crisis threadbare, they must study the hostage situation manual of Israel. This SOP has clearly stated that come what may, Israeli Government (irrespective of the political party in power) will never succumb to blackmail by hijackers. Every political party of Israel follows this SOP. In this connection, it is germane that the brother of present Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was the leader of the commando team which successfully carried out Operation Thunderbolt and rescued the hostages in 1974 from Uganda, Unfortunately, Solomon Netanyahu himself died during the rescue operation.

    In India, there is no such SOP which all Governments would follow in a hostage crisis situation.

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    Mr Rahul Gandhi knows very well who released Azhar and what necessitated the release. The Late Vajpayeeji was mature enough and took the decision based upon the circumstances at that time.

    1. Let me guess, if Rahul Gandhi were the PM then, he could have taken the same negotiation route and had to release the terrorists to save the life of the passengers.
    2. If Rahul Gandhi were there inside the aircraft, I am sure he could have been very nervous. In that situation, I think it is very difficult to remain calm.


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    Are we still serious about him?

    How would we go on manipulating with the fact that recently he came-up with calling JeM founder 'Masood Azhar Ji'? He don't have any sense & we must understand this at the earliest.

    The decision for releasing the terrorist during 1999 was a common understanding between the government & with the opposition parties & therefore the blame goes to each of them & this can't be kept with the government alone but perhaps few wouldn't never understand this simple fact.

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