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    Sewage is a problem in first world countries too

    Mexican immigrants are staunchly opposed by Trumps' government. But there is one more thing coming from Mexico into American borders. A river filled with liquidated feces. This might look like a third world countries problem and not of Mexico, one of the fastest growing economies now. But the villages near US border suffer lack of sanitation and the drains open into the river, Tijuana. This river drains itself into Imperial Beach, California, hurting people of both nations here. The problem is unplanned sewage and improper border allocation. Sewage mixes with Tijuana in a tricky border situation so both nations are hesitating to take any action. The beach remains shut for long affecting tourism and economy. There are volunteers and beach officials that work day and night to clean the dirty beach and river. But so far the federal government hasnt taken any measure.
    I thought its fascinating how even first world countries might share the same problems as we do.
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    This appears a terrible situation for the environment as well as the residents living nearby. Due to the international boundaries it is difficult also to solve these problems as it will lead to further disputes and mutual allegations in the matter.

    Sewage management is the most important part of the planning a town and if it is not handled properly it will soon become a health hazard.

    The developed countries generally take care of all these things while going for urbanization but the mediocre or developing countries sometimes fall trap to these bad plannings in their areas which become more costlier to address and manage at a later stage.

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    Sewage is a problem and it needs due attention for proper maintenance in the country. For better sewage, a proper mechanism needs to be put in place to drain out this sledge for proper maintenance and management of our surroundings. It definitely lay down a negative impact on our society.

    Due care is needed to manage the sewage system for a better and cleaner environment. We can also help in providing our cooperation with the sewage management institution. A clean society is for the benefit of the people. Let's crave for better sewage!

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    This sewage problem is very severe in our country. But this posts says the same problem is existing in other countries which are well developed also. Even in a country like America in the borders, we see this sewage problem. It is very surprising news. Probably both governments are not very serious in this issue as it may lead to many other problems and open new areas.
    Even in cities like Hyderabad we see in our country a lot of sewage problem. This is mainly due to the improper planning by the town planning authorities and the corruption involved in issuing permissions to builders for going for big constructions without proper planning. There should be a master road map for solving this sewage issue all over the country and the road map should be implemented without any deviations. Then only it may be possible to solve the issue.
    But now we can get satisfied after seeing this post that this sewage problem is not unique to our country only and it is there in developed countries also.

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    I am surprised to know that even Mexico has sewage problems. People in the developed countries are very much conscious about drainage, waste management and pollution but somehow, in this case, they couldn't plan their drainage system properly and hence this situation. The wastewater is treated properly and then they are allowed to mix with water bodies.

    In the case of Mexico, the situation may be tricky because of the sensitive border issues but solutions must be found to permanently settle this issue and here two countries should play a proactive role to install proper sewage treatment plant in the bordering areas.


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    Sewage is a big problem in many countries and the example given by the author appears fearful to he environment there.

    Actually any discharge from the industry or households is to be treated at source area rather then sending it to the clean rivers and sea. If we continue doing these mistakes it is a suicidal thing for whole the humanity.

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