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    The iceberg of terrorism in the world

    Throughout the world the incidents of terrorism take place time to time albeit in small numbers in a few places and more numbers in some other places.

    In a curiosity to know who is behind these attacks I read some concerned literature and visited some sources in books and internet and I found that there are some fundamentalist organizations whose roots are spread in the world from one corner to other and apparently they look small from outside but they are like an iceberg more of them lying hidden and beyond our vision.

    They can come to action anytime from nowhere and then disappear with the same speed. There number is not decreasing as they get a good supply from poor and backward countries where the desperate and unemployed youth come in their trap and join them for a money in return to their families.

    So these terrorist organizations are present in many forms throughout the globe and to deal with them firmly a collective approach is require more than a small encounter here and there.

    Can the members contribute their knowledge in this matter?
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    To completely put a stop to the terrorism collective efforts of all the Nations is a prime requirement. If some countries go for a fight on them and some countries are allowing them to hide in their country, it may not be possible to fight out this evil completely. But unfortunately, that is not happening. When something happens seriously in one country there will be some sound at that time and later on, it will die down.
    When everything is normal the all the important Nations should sit down and make a collective plan to curb terrorism. Correct methods should be followed and if any Nation is not cooperating all the Nations should boycott that country and there should not be any help to them from any country. Then only I think this evil can stop spreading its wing in more and more places. But no sincere effort in this direction by any country is seen as of now.

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    There are many reasons why people get attracted to these terrorist organisation and the most prominent ones are: feeling alone or lacking meaning and purpose in life,
    being emotionally upset after a stressful event,
    disagreeing with government policy,
    not feeling valued or appreciated by society,
    believing they have limited chances to succeed,
    feeling hatred toward certain types of people. Above all, they may be lusted either by money or anything else.

    No doubt as youths have dreams and they see fulfilling their dreams by joining such groups. These groups have the risk of being caught so they disappear in short span and come up again with the different name but their heads dont change.

    It's serious as the rate of evolving of such groups is so fast and people connect with them so easily ass they play with the emotions of the people and mostly target the people where they see the potential of getting members easily. It's serious as these groups can be eliminated only when the whole world come together to fight against them and dont support them.


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    It is true that a collective approach to deal with the terrorists is the need of the hour. Each country has its own strategy to fight against terror and they act when they feel the heat. When they realize that there is a less threat they stop their actions against the terrorist organizations. As the author has mentioned, the large network of different terrorist organizations are spread throughout the world and there are many who utilize them to settle their own goals.

    For example, JeM is banned by the UN but China is not letting the UN declare the founder of JeM Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. The UK, USA and France supported the move to declare Azhar as a global terrorist but China scuttled the move. What interest China has on this man? If he is declared as a global terrorist, Pakistan won't be able to support his activities and hence it will be somewhat difficult for them to use his group JeM to act against India. If this happens, there will be peace at the borders and there will be less urgency for Pakistan to purchase defence equipment from China. This is going to hamper the business prospects of China and they will somehow support Pakistan to carry forward their aggressiveness through terror tactics towards India.

    On the one hand, the poor and unemployed youths are joining these terrorist organizations to support their families, on the other, a few countries are supplying arms to terrorists through the back channel. If this is not the case, then how terrorists are getting sophisticated means to carry out their terrorising acts? It seems some kind of business is also involved there. As long as this remains a few people's businesses it will be difficult to completely stop their activities.


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    Terrorism is a weakly defined term to be honest. And yes these organizations operate with a hierarchy. One such well documented organisations in Taliban. From international intelligence reports we know that US military funds Pakistani ones to mitigate the Taliban expansion. But some corrupt officials of Pak military send this money to Taliban sympathizers, who send it to terrorists. This is a never ending cycle. Terrorism is always profitable to someone and devastating to millions. Sometimes we can do nothing even after knowing the sources. The path of obtaining the sources can be hard to trace.
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    It is very true that terrorism is a deep rooted problem and is to tackled by the united world forces.

    These terrorists are also having connections with some of the ruling parties in some of the countries and they are giving support and shelter to them instead of ousting them from their country. This is going to be a big problem in long run.

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