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    "Ronnie O'Sullivan creates Snooker history."

    The Snooker lovers all over the world rejoiced when Ronnie O'Sullivan of England created history by scoring his 1,000 Th. century break yesterday in the "Players Championship". Ronnie made possible what is supposed to be impossible. The players nearest to him are Stephen Hendry with 775 centuries and John Higgins with 745. Stephen Hendry retired from the game few years back. It is unlikely that none of the active players can achieve this feat in the near future. Ronnie, with his unique style of positional play made Snooker game look so simple and easy. The thousand centuries he made in competitive Snooker is a legendary feat. My salutes to this legendary player on the completion of thousand century breaks.
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    I do not understand snooker. So, I don't follow this game or great players. However, from the description of the author, I clearly understand that Ronnie O'Sullivan has established a remarkable record in snooker. I congratulate him on his record-creating performance.
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    Nice post and useful information.

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    This is really good to know that Ronnie O'Sullivan of England created history by scoring his 1,000 Th. century break yesterday. My congratulations to him. In our country, this snooker game is not very popular and many people don't have any idea about this. Thanks to the author for the information.
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    I don't understand this game too. But I guess 2 months ago I this video come up on my YouTube feed. It was mesmerizing but a waste of time of seven minutes because I had no clue about the game. But he's apparently the greatest snooker player alive now and the comment section was praising him to infinity.
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    Snooker is a variation of game of Billiards.

    In billiards, when two players play, they strike their ball with a cue (long rod with a tip to strike the ball) and pot it after striking it with the opponents ball or pot the common red ball or do not pot but just strike both of them and earn points in each of the activity. A player goes on playing till he earns points continuously and any miss shot then gives chance to the opponent. It is a very interesting game but due to the costly billiard table and other accessories it is usually available in clubs or other entertaining places. So many common people are not having access to this game and that is why it does not arise our curiosity.

    The game of billiard is similar to the indoor game of carom which we often play in our house with children. A person who knows the intricacies of game of carom can, if he gets opportunity, learn billiards quickly. As billiards table is much bigger than a carom board, it requires more precision and practice to earn points. In carom there are 4 pockets (holes) on the corners but in billiard there are 6 pockets, 4 in the corners and two at the centre of the length side.

    In snooker a common ball is used by all the players to strike other balls. Then there are 21 balls in different colours (15 red, 1 yellow, 1 brown, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 pink and 1 black) and different score points (red =1, yellow = 2, green = 3, brown = 4, blue = 5, pink = 6 and black = 7) are assigned to them. Using the common ball the players strike these balls and pot or pocket them in accordance of the rules of the game and earn points. A player go on playing if he is earning points and only stops when he misses a strike.

    I also join members to congratulate Ronnie O'Sullivan of England who has created history by scoring his 1,000th century break.

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    A great achievement by this wizard of the snooker game. Congratulations to him on this feat.
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    Billiards and Snooker are two totally different games even though played on the same table. The approach to each game is different. Billiards requires control over the three balls red, yellow and white with which the game is played. In Snooker game, control over the cue ball is the most important.

    There is no similarity between the Carrom game and Billiards. There is one similarity between Carrom board and Snooker game. In both the games the striker/cue ball is used to pocket the coin /ball into the pocket.

    The Billiards game at international level is dominated by the Indian players since a long time. Pankaj Advani is the leading Billiards player as of now.

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