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    Why are our youngsters more misguided now?

    It is often noticed that the rural and semi-urban and even some chunk of the metro and urban educated youth, are simply aimless. Yes, to some extent their economic condition due to poor income of their parents does force them into doing some courses in absolutely useless subjects such as zoology or even geography. They land up doing some BPO job or some odd job in some service company, often as supervisors doing some essentially chasing around jobs in some local service outfit of an auto major and so on.

    Even when someone counsels them to pick up life skills like a very good command over written and spoken English or some job-oriented IT skills like the SAP, they do not do it, even when the instalment options are available and is very much affordable within their means.

    The question is: how can we do something that will change their attitudes even to some extent?
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    We need to change our mindset which is quite essential because from the thread it is understood that a few subjects and some jobs are termed as useless till now. I am unable to understand why the author found subjects like Zoology and Geography useless. I am also unable to understand why a few people look down on someone doing a job in BPO.

    Can IT skills be the only thing required for someone to land in a good job? Are jobs in the service companies really odd? When some people have these kinds of ideas about jobs or career, I do not know how they will be able to guide the youngsters to choose a profession.


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    I am of the opinion that no subject is useless. I know many people who were PhDs in Zoology and having an excellent career. That all depends on how thorough you are in the subject and what are the skills we acquire. Any post graduates even engineers these days are going to B.Ed and try for a teaching job in schools.

    BPO jobs are also not that bad. We need not to underrate those jobs. Many youths are trying for those jobs also but they are not able to secure those jobs.

    These days jobs in the manufacturing sector are also very good and they are giving very good salaries on par with the IT industry. So I feel we need not think that jobs in IT sector only are good.

    My point here is we should advise them to pick up the required skills to go up in the ladder in the field they are working instead of asking them to do IT related skills.

    Furthering their knowledge in the field of interest is very much required for all. So they should get updated in their field.

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    I stand corrected. What I meant was that merely raw graduates who have a background in zoology or Geography do not find jobs that fit their skills. They sometimes land in banks. Those who study chemistry do have a chance to join the pharmaceutical companies. Yes, those with the doctorate degree in any subject get to teach the subject in colleges.

    However, the real problem is that raw graduates simply do not have the resources to take up higher education and those with zoology or geography find it very difficult to enter the corporate sector. This is exactly what I meant.

    Mr. Sankalan, I do know that BPO as such is not bad. However, the natural progression is only towards IT. Those from the non-metro areas and the semi-urban or rural areas lack the motivation to go ahead in life. Please do tell me Sir, which is better? BPO or IT? It is obviously the latter.

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    We are only talking about attitudes. It is very obvious that those who take some risks, equip themselves and also take up additional skills are those who go ahead in life. In spite of all efforts, it is sometimes very frustrating that they have mindsets that are simply not tuned to listen to anyone, including their parents.

    Yes, I stand corrected. I did not mean any offense. I hope I have clarified. Another point is that BPO jobs are slowly going to Bangladesh and Indonesia, the two countries where the people are willing to work for even lesser salaries. This is another worry that needs to be addressed.

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    Doing graduation in a subject which doesn't guarantee you a job is useless in my opinion. BPO jobs are not good as it doesn't promise a growth as well as doesn't allow you to gain knowledge practically at a workplace.

    I would prefer youngsters to do some professional courses than to opt for traditional courses as they dont have much scope to get a job.

    I remember most of my friends who did graduation in science became a teacher or did post graduation course in computer application or business administration and those who did graduation in commerce ended up to get an accountant job in a company.

    Whereas the ones who did engineering courses are having a good job in MNCs. There I would prefer them to choose some vocational or professional courses. It's not easy to get jobs if you are not having specialisation.

    IT courses are an additional qualification which helps someone at a job and may help to get a promotion at work.


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    There are many youngsters who are roaming here and there aimlessly wasting their prime time in idling. This is a grave problem for our country and society because tomorrow they will go in wrong directions and do a lot of harm to the society only.

    What is the solution now? Let us see the whole thing in a deeper perspective. We are not able to engage these people in any constructive or positive activity. Neither by force or by motivating. Neither the Govt nor the parents are able to contain these vagabonds. They are doing all sort of mischief on the roads and local trains or near cinema halls or other public places. Girls going to schools and colleges are afraid of their aggressive behavior.

    We have not taught them the dignity of labour and they do not know that without hard work people do not get bread even in the developed countries what to say of the third world countries. I blame the parents, society and the Govt at large for this situation. We all are the culprit of this situation.

    I remember when I was having my school holidays after class X examination, I was needing some pocket money to enjoy the holidays but my father was already hand to mouth and refused me to give even a penny and I was in a subdued state. I thought it was my right to get money from him as I did a lot of studies throughout the year and was hoping a good score and also hoping for a scholarship (which I eventually got also) but he thought otherwise.

    A few days later he told me that there is an opportunity to make money and all that money would be mine. I was interested to know and what he told me made me to work in my leisure time and I was earning some good amount by the evening. It was a simple manual job and no exertion. I wondered why this thing did not come in my mind? Why my father has to ask me to work? I was much ashamed and in that mindset I wanted to give all the money to him. He simply refused, smiled and asked me to keep it and spend it only when it was necessary. That was the first lesson I learned about the value and the color of the money.

    So are we teaching our young generation like that or simply pampering them when they come back to home after loitering here and there?

    Knowledge is power.

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