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    The reasons for Indias loss to Australia in the fourth ODI

    Despite scoring a mammoth total of 358 in the fourth ODI held at Mohali on 10th February 2019 India could not defend the total. Is it that the total was low for the pitch or Bowlers failed to defend the total
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    I think pitch can be main reason. That pitch was in favor of batting , Indian bowling was strong but they was not able to get help from pitch other reason may be as following.
    1. Kohli missing Dhoni's Ideas.
    2. Mohammad shami was needed in place of Bhuvneshwar kumar.
    3. Run was enough but India need to use bowler in right time right place.
    4. Turner was the key point for yesterday match.
    5. Last overs India not able to make it big over they was relaxing due to big score.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    Cricket is a game of uncertainty! You never know what is going to happen in the game of cricket. The game that glorifies and exalts a cricketer can belittle the same cricketer sometimes. This is what somewhat happened in this game.

    Putting a huge total of 358 runs on scoreboard with a massive batting talent exhibiting on the cricket field against Australia. Indian batter were phenomenal at the crease but Austrialia came even more hard and showed scintillating performance by overpowering the a huge total of 358 runs.
    At the end it was Turner who turned it around and pulled the game into kitty with 13 balls to spare. Yes, Austrialia deserve the credit for fierce backfire!

    Overconfidence could be the reasons for this disastrous defeat and not using bowlers at the right time.

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    Everyone thought India will definitely win the match as they have put a very big score as they made 358 runs.
    The openers gave a very good start. But the middle order collapsed as usual. Rayudu and Kohili are not able to stay longer. So we are short by 20 to 30 runs. This is one reason for our loss.
    Another main problem is dropped catches. The wicketkeeper wasted two stumping chances. There are 2 or 3 chances dropped by the fielders during the match.
    Then comes the role of Dhoni. He was supporting the Captain with his suggestions on the field whenever required. He will be giving advises to the bowlers when they are in a dilemma. Yesterday we missed him.
    The bowlers in the last overs are not able to control their bowling given two many runs which made them score runs very fast in 43, 44 and 45 overs.
    Turner turned the match to their side. His batting skills were excellent and the last runs were scored by him very freely.
    These are the reason which made India lose the match yesterday.

    always confident

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    I was confident that India would win the match but it was Turner who turned the match and won the match for Australia.

    Also, the pitch didn't have much for the bowlers. Even the match-winning bowler like Bomrah could not save the match.

    Dhoni was completely missed in the squad as I saw a couple of occasions where Pant was not at all good behind the wickets.

    Aussies played well especially in the last overs.


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