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    Shopping - the long distance way!

    Yesterday I used the video conference feature in WhatsApp for the very first time - for shopping, that too, and feeling quite pleased with myself at trying something innovative (innovative for me, that is).

    My niece called up from a shop in the market in Amritsar and displayed the fabric bales in the shop for me to select the colour I had wanted. It was good fun, with her moving the phone around, the shopkeeper pulling out bales, me shouting 'not this, that one which was at the top of the pile on the shelf which he pulled out first' or 'not that, the one below the pink' or with great excitement, 'yes, yes, that is the one I want'.....totally hilarious!!

    The marvels of technology are really to be, well, marvelled at. It is amazing how one can use technology in a smart manner without being physically present in a place. Have any of you enjoyed such "shopping"?
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    Good. It is the latest trend of shopping that is being followed by many using the whatsapp facility. My daughter is much interested in this way of shopping. Initially, it was only through the photograph, but now it is through the live video. But I am sure of getting disappointed with the colour of the item. The colour we see through the video might differ when we get it in hand.
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    Very nice to hear this. In my house, my wife and two daughters in law are there. All of them will never go together to shopping as one is required to be in the house. After going to the shop they will take photographs of the items and share it on WhatsApp so that the person remained at the house can also see the item and make her comments and then they will decide whether to go for this or not.
    Recently they started these Video Calling also. We have wifi in the house. They will have data packs on their mobiles. Using this facility they show the items to the third person and ask their opinion before finalising the issue. Recently my sone went to Bangalore. I asked him to get me a good T-shirt. He has gone to a shop and called on WhatsApp video call and showed me different types of shirts that are available in the shop. Even though I asked him to select he wanted me to see and finalise. Yes, This is definitely a different experience. It is an indication that how technoloyis playing an important role in our lives.

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    Vandana, I can understand and feel the excitement you had in your 'innovative' way or facility. I also had felt like that whenever I started 'learning and using' new technology facility.
    I was very much excited when the Chinese budget phone I had purchased some years ago had many facilities which only the high end phones had at that time. Unfortunately for me, none of my close relatives or friends had a phone with such facilities. So, even when I had the facility of video call(then through mobile network and not net) I could not use the same practically. I had to feel satisfied once in a while by calling my son sitting in the next room(who also had a similar phone).
    Later on, when some of my relatives 'show' and claim about video calls or Skype, IMO, Whats app video chat and similar facilities etc, I recall the old situation. Even today I use voice call and SMS/ whats app text chat mostly.

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    Yes, it's always exciting when you try something for the first time. The video calling feature in WhatsApp is quite useful when it comes to shopping. Imagine the situation of the person who has gone to the shop and making a video call to another back home to choose the products. It's something like live reporting, that your niece must have felt because she has to move, talk as well as focus the camera on the fabric bales.

    This feature has given a new dimension to shopping where a person who is not even present at the shop can choose the products by looking at the picture or video of the products sent through WhatsApp or other messaging Apps. Though I never used this video calling feature for shopping till now, many times I have clicked the snap and sent them through WhatsApp to the persons sitting back at home or office.


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    This is an example of smart shopping. Nowadays people are using video calls, photographs and other such methods to communicate with each other for taking decisions. This is the real practical use of the technology in our hands.

    There was a time when in the villages or remote places there was only one day in the week when a market was erected and made available for petty purchases and the shopkeepers from nearby towns used to crowd there to sell their miscellaneous merchandise. It was a great excitement and change for the villagers and those who could afford purchased some small items of interest from these mobile vendors.

    Today sitting in the comfort of our homes we are buying things at Amazon or Alibaba or any such online store.

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    What Sun pointed out is true - that the colour may not show up as it actually is in the video. In fact, my niece is really smart. She was saying clearly that the pink was not as bright as it looked and was a bit darkish hue or the blue one was very dull, that it wasn't as nice as it looked on camera. This helped to make a better decision on the selection.

    My sister, standing next to me, admonished me to tone down my voice a notch, not to get hysterical...what to do, it was really exciting stuff!!

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    Yes, that's one of the advantages of using video call. It was a few years back when we used to interact without knowing the expressions of the person with whom we were talking. Nowadays at least I prefer interacting with the person through video calls as that gives a feeling that I talking with that person face to face.

    This is an innovative idea of shopping you mentioned. My wife also does that her parents ask her anything to buy for them. As they live in a city of Uttar Pradesh which is not so developed like Delhi is so they ask my wife to buy things for them from here. I remember when I went to Nepal for an office tour and used to interact with my kids through video calls. Technology is getting advanced these days and we dont need to go to the actual place to see a person to know about him unlike in the past.


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