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    Whether it's politics or religion, you must have clarity

    Whether it's politics or religion, one thing is common and that is the adherence to ideology. In politics, it is found in case of staunch supporters of a particular political outfit. There are leftists, rightists and even extremists who will never support the views of the other group. In terms of religion, the same thing is applicable. You will find Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians everybody having a different set of ideologies, though beliefs will be the appropriate term to describe the principles they follow. The objective of the political parties is to rule the state or the nation which is based on a set of developmental agenda, while the objective of religion is to attain salvation by following scriptures of the religious texts. There is a confrontation between any two religions or a set of religions from time to time, the political parties also confront each other almost on a regular basis.

    What is required in all these cases is clarity. Whether you are a follower of a particular religion or a political party, you must know things clearly if you want to avoid conflict. Without any clarity, the confrontation will compound. Members, do you agree?
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    Politics and religion both are based on their respective ideologies. The leaders of these areas are having full control on their devotees and guide them in the best possible manner taking the advantage in the process for themselves also.

    Clarity is required in these areas and I think a lot of clarity is already there. What is not there is the clarity in the minds of the followers who are blind and believe in their affiliations wholeheartedly and that is the crux of problem.

    Clever leaders and more clever clergies are responsible for many of the disorders today in this world and I am pained to say that there is no one to check their misdeeds on this Earth. They are ruling the gullible people ruthlessly. It is unfortunate but true.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes. It is true that clarity is required in both religion and politics. But in society these days people don't have a proper understanding of these two aspects. Many of the people follow their leaders without putting much thought in their minds. The whole problem is here only. In many places for various castes, there will be leaders and all the people will go as per the directions of these so-called leaders without questioning the sanctity of the direction given by the leader.
    Another problem in our country is even religion and politics are ways to make money. The poor people will never bother about the ideology of the party or the religion if they are able to get some financial benefit from these areas also. This is the weakness that is being exploited by religion gurus and politicians in India.
    I feel as long as the disparity in society between rich and poor is huge and the poor will be remaining poor, this exploitation by the leaders can't be stopped.

    always confident

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    One can have clarity about his belief in a particular political party. Based on the policies claimed by them, if we can believe that the country or the society will have a worthy future, we accept the party and go with it. At any time if the party deviate from those claims we have all the freedom to leave the party, and choose a better one.
    But if it is religion what are the options? First of all we belong to a religion by birth. Whether we like the rules and regulations or not we are in that religion. Changing religion is not that simple as in the case of political parties. Is there freedom, in the strict sense, to move from one religious beliefs to another. Because of certain real reasons like marriage one may have to opt for another religion. Otherwise a sort of forced change also may be there.


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