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    The magic of cordial and patient behaviour.

    Long back, when I had to do my post graduation, I had to go to other city as there was no facility in my place at that time. Myself and two other students got a bachelor accommodation in one house and we settled there. We used to have our food in a hotel which was popular with outside students on the way to our college.

    After some time I came to know that some of my distant relatives were also residing in the same city and then I came in their contact. They started calling me for food or snacks time to time on some occasions and I was always looking up to those yummy opportunities.

    During that time I had interaction with a person among my relatives who was teaching in a nearby school. Slowly I had more acquaintance with him and on some holiday in spare time I talked to him about my studies and he used to tell me about the job condition in the country and was in fact suggesting some career paths also to me.

    He appeared happy with my performance in the first year of my post graduation and also congratulated me.

    We used to go for evening walks in the market area just for some amusement and fun and many times we met there as he also was coming there frequently. I always found him cheerful and happy and he was very friendly with the students and elders alike.

    I had good association with him and after about 3-4 years when I moved out of that place to join my second job, he bid me good luck for my career and future.

    Subsequently, I had to move places in connection with my job and career and I had a lot of discussions, confrontations and even fights on issues with so many people including my family members or relatives or office colleagues but every time I remembered that guy with whom I had not a single conflict on anything. I am always surprised about it.

    More I pondered over it more I found that he was a very cordial and patient person and he might have ignored my aggressions many time which I might not have noticed at that time. He was having an extraordinary control on his behaviour and temperament and it was only he because of whom we had so good and pleasant relations during that time.

    There is a magic in cordial and composed behaviour. Do you also feel like that?
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    Some people will have a lot of tolerance and they will have very good control over them. Such people are rare and we may not come in contact with many such people.
    I also had a person like that. But he is not a distant relative. He is a very close relative of mine and he is none other than my grandfather (Mother's father). I spent many days with him during my childhood. He died when I was 44 years old. I have never seen him shouting on anybody. He worked as a Head Master of a primary school. He never used to shout on students also. He used to convince them and try to explain to them the issues very clearly.
    He is the person who guided me and advised me in many of important issues in my life, especially regarding my education. He lived for 81 years. But people say they have never seen him angry.
    This is a gift of God and we will be lucky if we can interact with such people and get at least a portion of their tolerance.

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    It happens with all of us, sometimes we find a person with whom we find good and we get a good connection with him or her.

    I remember when I got my first job far away from home and used to live alone in a room. There was one of my colleague whose friend was coming to the city for a job so he asked me to accommodate him. I denied at first but after his request, I agreed for 2-3 days. But in those days we got a good bonding between us and we became friends and he started sharing a room with me. We lived together for almost 3 years and when we were leaving that city as we both got new jobs in different cities, we were crying like kids as we were getting separated. This was way back in 2004 and after 15 years that bind has become stronger with each day and we are best friends. He is the first person I call when I am in a problem or vice versa.

    So it happens in everyone life some people in our lives are even important than our family members or relatives.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Cordial behavior and patience exhibit the character of an individual. These are the qualities of a humble person which are not found in every person. They talk to each and everyone with respect and honour.

    A person with a good character and cordial behavior never shouts on anyone or gets angry unnecessarily. Such a person possess is blessed with a high quantity of patience. All the gentle and sober. Never showing eyebrow or any such gesture which may hurt the feelings of a person. The cordial person cares a lot to people around and always insured about their well being. These are the qualities that everyone should possess. But such qualities are rarely seen and found among people.

    I salute to all those people who are humble and cordial towards people; and never shouts or uses bad words for anyone.

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