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    WWW is thirty years old!

    Today happens to be the 30th birthday of WWW. Google reminds us of this great day. In the year 1989 at the Particle Physics Laboratory, CERN in Geneva, those scientists working there wanted to exchange their ideas and results among them. One among them, a 34-year-old man called Tim Berbers Lee gave birth to this web and related protocol. Basically, he was just a graduate, BA degree holder in Physics. But because of his interest in this field, he learned everything independently and became a famous figure in this area.

    During his student days, he collected an old computer from a repair shop and did all his experiments with it. In fact, that was the beginning of the development of the creation of the world wide web. Let us salute this gentleman Mr. Lee on this thirtieth birthday.
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    Worldwide web is a revolution in information technology. There are many advantages to mankind due to this invention. Scientists and researchers used to spend a lot of time on the literature survey. But this invention made the issue very easy and the time required for this has been reduced to a minimum. They are able to exchange and share their knowledge easily with other Scientists.
    This is really a boon to all the people. The information required is available in just a few seconds. We can easily get updated regarding the issues happening around the world within no time. They are able to get the information required in no time.
    The whole world should be grateful to the inventor of this technology, Mr Tim Berbers Lee. My salutations to him on the 30th birthday of www. Let all of us thank the www inventor.

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    Happy Birthday, World Wide Web! It is undoubtedly a pathbreaking invention and everybody is using the internet because of the invention that took place in 1989. It revolutionised the exchange of information and anybody sitting at a remote corner of the world can send information anywhere with an internet connection. Here I would like to mention one of the famous quotes of Sir Berners-Lee which I hope will be able to answer a lot of queries that humans had regarding the internet.

    "The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past".

    The future is really not known to us. The web is getting bigger day by day and with improving technology there is a lot more to come. Thanks to Sir Tim Berners-Lee for making this possible. It's all because of him that we are doing every kind of communication with the help of the Internet.


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    Hats of to Mr Lee for his creation. Had he not created the world wide web we have been living in the primitive age. Today when most of us do the majority of our work through net we must be thankful to him.

    I remember when we had to stand in a long queue to pay the bills which are now very easy and one can pay the bills through one click.

    Even communication has become so easy and cheap through the internet. One with the sites like WhatsApp and others one can interact with others at distant locations free of cost.

    The creation of Mr Lee is a milestone and has been a turning point in the growth of the world. Thanks, Mr Lee.


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    A good historical account by the author in this post.

    World wide web is one of the most influencing inventions in this world and it has changed the ways we communicate and use information.

    Long back, after my post graduation, I wanted some geological information for my work but did not get in the local library. The lecturers also could not help much. Someone suggested me to go to the library in a nearby university.

    I went there and took permission for a short visit to the library and I got the references what I was needing. I had to again go to university office for permission for at least a week for making notes from those valuable references. Seeing my interest as a special case they allowed me.

    Today you have to simply type some keywords and the search engine will give it to you on a platter. We are having www in the device in our pocket.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Nice information. In 30 years there are phenomenal growth in the internet and the way things are going I think the sky is the only limit. Today www is an ocean of information and knowledge and it is growing day by day.

    Let us use this source in positive and constructive ways to progress in our lives.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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