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    While all others can predict, why not we predict?

    My dear fellow ISCian,
    While the whole world can predict what is going to be the outcome of 2019 elections, why not we ISCians predict the results.

    Members, Kindly post your responses in the following order

    1. Which party will form the government after election 2019?
    2. Who will be the Prime Minister?
    3. Will it be a hung parliament?
    4. If yes, what would happen and who will be the Prime Minister?
    5. Your own views and comments about our future government.
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    1. NDA will form the government
    2. Modiji will be the Prime Minister
    3.No it will not be a hung parliament
    4. Modiji will be the Prime Minister.
    5. In my opinion, the majority is going to be with the NDA only. Under the dynamic leadership of Modiji India has achieved very good progress in these 5 years. India has attained a good reputation all over the world.
    With his latest military action, many people of India are appreciating the way in which the actions were taken. They are very happy with the way in which we are able to attain the support of all the countries in that issue.
    With the latest budget sops announced by the government, the farmers are now with BJP. The people who are earning up to Rs.5,00,000/- per year are also very happy for the IT deduction they got. With these positive factors, I am very confident that NDA will win and Modiji will be the PM.
    All other opposition parties don't have any programme except coming to power. They are not able to decide on their PM candidate also. Everyone in the group wants power. This point is already noticed by many voters.

    always confident

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    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    When it comes to a prediction on certain things I am reminded of the Parrot astrology. Hope you are very much aware of it and know the procedure of fortune-telling through a parrot. When the parrot is instructed, it picks up a card from the bunch and gives it to its instructor. Now the anxious man sitting in front of the instructor looks at both of them and sits more tightly.

    Our condition is just like that anxious man sitting in front of the Parrot astrologer. Different media are entrusting a few parrots and they are picking up one performance card of the present dispensation at a time and predicting the outcome based on it. Many parrots are picking up more than one cards and thoroughly analyze them. Somehow at this moment we all became like parrots and choosing the cards which suit us from the bunch. Are we going to predict anything different than all those Parrot astrologers doing all the time in front of the media?


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    The parrot astrology is blind astrology. The parrot doesn't know what is inside the card wrapped. At times, it is a coincidence that the card matches the man's fate. Whereas, we all know the names of the parties and the would-be Prime Ministers of India. Therefore, Keep the astrology aside, and study the current politics, and post your response as requested by me.

    @ Kindly post your response in the way Dr. Rao has posted.

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    As per the present situation the chances of NDA forming a Govt are bright. Only thing is there may be a neck to neck competition in some places. Mr Modi will be the unopposed leader and PM in that case.

    The factor of anti incumbency is also going to play a big role as many innocent and gullible voters do not have any information of development with them except that the present Govt was a failure on the job front.

    Knowledge is power.

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