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    Why can't the courts award death penalty in such horrible cases?

    It is a big shame to the beautiful town of Pollachi. One of India's most beautiful towns that has been featured in so many Hindi movies as well.

    In an earlier thread, I had pointed out this atrocity committed by four heartless youth. Three were arrested but the fourth rascal, with political connections has been arrested too. A video is now on in social media, with a pathetic victim pleading with one rascal to allow her to wear her clothes. She is mercilessly beaten. The entire public of the town is up in arms. The political parties have started their agitations.

    Since the four rascals have spoiled the life of over 200 girls and even married women, why not sentence them to death? In a particular Tamil movie, the hero will simply murder the rascal who committed the rape and suspend the dead body from a bridge. Though this was just a movie scene, there are flashes of that on social media, suggesting that the rascals need to be given that sort of punishment.

    While that may never work out, why not death penalty?
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    It's really horrible and I support the death penalty for all those involved in such crimes. As it is mentioned that one of the perpetrators of the crime has a political connection, I think the policemen hesitate to arrest the criminals at the beginning in such cases. They are arrested when the public put enough pressure and then the legal case starts. Actually, this is what is happening in many cases where the criminals are having political connections.

    As long as stringent punishment is not meted out to these criminals they will continue it. The legal process is very tardy which must be fast-tracked in all these cases. Though there is an improvement in monitoring these cases, as long as the punishment is not harsh it will not work as a deterrent.


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    I think death penalty is not sufficient. Their legs and hands should be removed and then the girls who sufferred should be allowed in public in presence of police to beat him to death. This type of punishment only make the other such people to get afraid of doing such acts. Whatever punishment is given it should be done at tje earliest so that he will not commit again similar ghostly acts.
    Unfortunately on our country law will take its own time in finalising the case and will allow such culprits to rome on the roads by awarding them bail. This procedure should change. The case should be finalised with in days and award punishment.

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    Such cases should not go to the police or the court. Punishment to such criminals should be awarded then and there, by the public. It should not be a death penalty, but a punishment that should be realized by other perpetrators who will not dare to perform that act. Just neutralize and make it inactive, the part that tempts to perform such a heinous act.

    @ A separate bill on this issue should be passed without any single opposition to this bill. Anyone opposing the bill should be dealt with severely.

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    Exactly. Remove their life-giving organs and literally make them suffer throughout their life. Or as Rao Sir has suggested the girls should be allowed to shoot these rascals in full public view and the courts should also give a verdict in this direction. The girls may have their faces covered, except their eyes so that they can shoot down these hardened criminals. The ruling party big wigs are positively involved. This one case is likely to bring down the Government and the DMK will ensure the end of this case by going right up to the Supreme Court. That party has certain checks and balances. This sort of atrocity never happened during the DMK regime.

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    The political connections of the goonda - elements have made them fearless taking laws in their hands and have no mercy in raping helpless girls, torturing them and involving themselves in all antisocial activity. It is because they have political boses protecting them from the clutches of law.
    Hence the best way would be to give them punishment immediately to the extent that they would be ashamed of their grave crimes and such punishments should be the examples for the other antisocial elements following the same trend. The police should immediately respond to such situations and the physical and mental torture should be awarded in presence of public before the hearing of the case is made in the court.

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    The horrendous and most horrific incident I would say. A strong possible punishment should be given to the perpetrators so others take a lesson. Such nasty episodes with women are highly condemnable and demand grave punishment including the death sentence.
    One thing is quite clear a woman is badly subjugated to discrimination in the country . She is assaulted and torched mentally as well as physically, she is the most discriminated being on earth. Unless and until we give women due respect and lift her status, nations can't progress.

    Degrading a woman, we are degrading ourselves!

    Status of women is very high but the dumb people don't understand. Life begins with a woman and it ends with her. A woman makes home a palace and with her sweet chirping enlighten the atmosphere in the home. Woman give respect to a man and we should give back her all comfort and happiness.

    Anyone who tries to indulge in any kind of assault or discrimination to a woman should get strict punishment. Let's raise our voice and call for the equal right and honour, respect and pledge to uplift women. Only then we can progress and prosper!

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    Daily we watch such news on TV and in many cases the criminal escape due to lack of evidence. But our laws should be more strict and criminals in such case should not be let off how much influential person he may be. It's sad in most of such cases the judgement gets delayed and in the meantime, the criminal get sufficient time and find the ways to let off.

    The criminals in the case mentioned by the author should be severely punished in a way such that people may get a lesson for it. Maybe we should learn for other countries where they have strict rules against such crimes and the time they take in giving the verdict.

    I am surprised why such cases are not immediately shifted to the fast track court where the criminals may get the punishment at the earliest.

    Also when there is proof of the crime they should be punished severely for it without delay.


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    The heinous crime against women is to be dealt severely and there is no second opinion on that.

    The problem is our system in which sufficient time is given to the culprit to prove himself innocent and not guilty. This is a common thing in democratic set up as no one has power to take law in one's hand and everyone has to wait for the verdict of the court.

    In an autocratic or king type of governance the ruler has full right to do whatever he feels justified and in that case the appropriate punishment including death penalty is given.

    So we are somehow bogged down by out constitutional framework in this respect and feel helpless to punish these persons severely.

    In autocratic systems like communism or dictatorship this type of punishment can be enacted but if it is by mistake made on a innocent person then there is no going back.

    Ambiguities are coming in the system due to poor governance and delay in providing judgements. So until there is improvement in them, we will not see quick justices made.

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