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    Which life is better -It has to be personal or professional?

    Suppose you had the option of choosing between your time at home or time at work, which would you select as the better one? Discuss the pros and cons if equal weight-age was not the option.

    I think you all know meaning of personnel and professional. In other words, you like to enjoy all time with family and personal work or you like office work environment and enjoy your official work more than home related work.

    If you get to spend more time at home then you like it more or if you work a lot of the time for your profession that is better? I know both are required but you were to give more weight-age to one, that is, if option was there, then which one would be your choice?
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    First of all, I would request the author to correct the title of the thread. It has to be personal and not the one which is mentioned in the thread. Both personal and professional life is important and different. These two lives have different aspects and hence cannot be compared in any way.

    We need to balance both these lives and it is always better if there is no interference between the two. It all depends on the situation and when there is no work or you are on leave you can easily spend the whole day with your family doing your personal work. Keep the two separate and do what is needed depending on the situation. When you are in the office or your business place concentrate on the works there and when at home do your personal work. There are times when people had to carry out professional works at home because of the time constraint and work pressure, but personal life also cannot be neglected. We must find ways to balance both.


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    I think there should be a balance between personal and professional life. IWe should give equal importance to both. We have to have a good family and we should enjoy our life with family. Bur for that we have to have enough finanaces. For that we should have a profession.
    We have to decidr every time when a conflict comes between these at that particular point of time.
    We will have only one family but we will have many options to change our job, so in certain issues we should give more importance to family life. We have to take care of our family. So we should give priority to family life without losing interest in our profesdional life.

    In our old age we require a lot of support from family. At the same time family requires our support when we are young.

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    Both lives are important. It's our skill how do we maintain balance in both the lives. No doubt one has to devote time in both but the person who manages time is successful and spend life happily.

    I have seen people who work more in office and dont give time to his family always remain unhappy and there are likely to have disputes in tge family. Also if the person is more involved in his personal works cannot complete his work art job and may have to bear the brunt in office.

    One of my friend who is work alcoholic always has an indifference at home. His wife and kids always complain about him that he doesn't spend with them although he earns well. Everything cannot be done by money, relationships cannot be bought by the money, one has to give time to make relations sweet and working.

    So for me, both are important and have to be balanced. One cannot neglect any of these aspects of life.


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    Personal life and professional life are the two sides of the same coin. Both are needed to make the coin exist.

    Different people have different aspirations and accordingly they give more or less time to these two areas of activity. It is imperative to make a balance between the two otherwise it will create problems in the real life. Judicious people always keep that balance and reap the benefits.

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    I think if you spend more time in any side then problem we need to balance both side and enjoy all movement then both life will be better. Thanks to all of you who participated in this thread. Many more advises are still welcome.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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