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    Mr. Modi will not be Next PM its said by Mr. Sharad pawar?

    Mr. Modi will not be Next PM its said by Mr. Sharad pawar? Is it political comments to get benefit . I think its political comments to decrease Modi Lahar. Modi ji is boost energy of BJP party so this type of comment giving double thinking to public I think Mr. Sharad pawar is very smart. What do you think friends?
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    Slowly but steadily, Mr. Sharad Pawar is losing all relevance in Indian politics. His statements are for the purpose of getting back relevance. We must not give much importance on the statements of the irrelevant, old political leader.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Who is he to predict Modi's future? Is he a political astrologer? It would be right if he had said, "Congress Party will win the election, but I will not become Prime Minister." Because he can never become Prime Minister as long as RG and PG are in politics. Moreover, he has declared that he would not contest any election. I am sure, Congress will not win election as BSP and SP did not give a lift to Congress in UP.
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    Mr Pawar wants to declare that he is active in politics and wants to invite attention by this political comment. He is almost ignored by the people and politicians till now. Election times are some opportunity to come to limelight. The press and media will help in this regard as they need some bites.
    There is already an attempt to create difference in the BJP and shift loyalties. So there was a veiled hint earlier to prop up Ntin Gadkari as the BJP leader for PM post. This can get some support in Maharashtra for local emotions. Pawar wants to fan this and exploit it for his favour. So he is throwing the rope in advance to hook the prey. There can be a few who raise to the bait also.
    I take it a a desperate and attempt by a spent force and ignored leader.

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    Shared powers words are not final, it can be just a political bouncer to get the political mileage. Such tactics are rampant when the election is nearing and all the political class are erupted to woo the voters in the best possible way. But Pawar's statement can not be taken as ultimate even if he is proven right later. It is just political gimmick. However, in a democracy, everyone has a right to speak and we cannot stop anyone talking or expressing one's opinion. We have the right to differ with a person.

    Whatever the results are, a leader should be reflective and who cares well for the people especially for the poor. A leader should always keep track of the dignity of people and make sure that everyone lives without any fear in the country. I hope we get a leader that would understand the pain of people and work for their upliftment.

    People have every right to speak but we can't take their words as final.

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    Modi will not; Modi may not; Modi cannot; Modi should not - these have varied meanings. The title says, "Modi will not ........." It is a definite assurance. A tall leader like Sharad Pawar, should not utter in this manner. He could have simply said, "Modi May not be next PM even if BJP wins the election." Words must be chosen and polished well before we utter it, especially the politicians.
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    Mr Sharad Pawar belongs to an opposition party. He never says that Modi will become again Prime Minister. It is all a political game. This is to create negative feelings among the voters. But these practices are no relevance at this moment. What is the basis for his statement? Did any survey is conducted by him? Did he analyse the results of that survey?
    But unfortunately, we have freedom of speech. We can give our opinions as we like. But they will not have any relevance and no importance can be given to those words.
    The voters will decide who will win and who will lose. Another two months. Everything will be known. Meanwhile, we all can enjoy the statements and announcements of all the leaders from all the partied.

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    These type of statements are to be taken with a caution especially when they are uttered by senior leaders of the country. We do not know the motive behind such forecasts.

    Any one can give a statement but it does not get cognisance until the person is at a higher step in political circles.

    Common and gullible people are sometimes misled by such incidents and it is not in good taste for the political climate in the country. There is only one way to treat such remarks and that is to ignore them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Mr Sharad Pawar is in the opposition camp, so it is expected that he would utter something like this. Mr Pawar has to prove his relevance to the voters and just before the elections the leaders who are not so prominent nowadays say such things. There is a confusion going on in his home turf about who is going to contest from his family and maybe to avoid any controversy on the topic he diverted the discussion.

    As far as I can recollect, he said that though BJP is going to be the single largest party they will not have an absolute majority like in the previous election in 2014. He said that if BJP forms the government, it will have to take the help of many allies to whom Mr Modi is not the suitable face. As an opposition member, he has every right to predict and we have to wait for the results of the general elections to know who is going to form the next government.


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    This is strange. Is he not able to see the Modi wave before elections? It is very normal that all opposition leaders pass on such statements on the ruling party.

    He also said, "If the BJP takes the support of other parties to form the government, then the parties which support the BJP will look for someone else as their prime minister."

    It seems that he doesn't like Modi. This is his opinion but I dont think it will be true as Modi is the most likely to be elected as the next PM as it is speculated that BJP will win by the majority this time also.


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    Sri. Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India has proved as an able and capable leader beyond doubt . He is non corrupt and has cleaner image. We need such person to Govern our Country and take the Country to greater heights.
    With Regards and Best wishes,


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