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    Boycott Indian News Channel till the general elections are over!

    Well not my thought, if you have been on twitter, you would have noticed that for the past few days this hashtag has been trending and getting viral.

    Its that time of the year when paid media tries to show their loyalty to their political bosses. Recently there was a sting operation done by Cobra post, where they had approached Bollywood stars to promote their political parties through their social media accounts. The money being offered to them was unbelievable and it was only a handful of people who had disagreed to be part of the promotion.

    Lot many fake pages, news starts flooding in the social media feed. Whenever such news is being spread, lets take proper action against such posts by reporting them.
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    I agree that from now on till the new government and cabinet is in place, the rumour mills and lie factories will be working overtime with overproduction of fake news, planted stories, rumours, personal and political vilification, half truths decorated to appears as rel truth etc.etc. We cannot say that there is absolutely neutral and unbiased public and social media now. There will be bias, loyalty, vested interest and service as per payment for professional service. The degree only will vary.
    Hence we need to read or watch various media platforms and channels to get at least near to the truth or crux of a matter. Boycott may not be practical and feasible. Anyway we cannot filter through the millions of internet sites nor the thousands o TV channels etc. We can only restrict ourselves to the very few TV channels and newspapers available to us and a few websites. Let us read and watch them to and form our own well analysed and (if possible)verified opinion.

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    I agree with the author. Almost all the news channels have affiliations to one or the other political party. They will always try to promote that party only. At the same time, many political parties are paying huge money in the form of advertisements and other ways so that they will support their party. There is no sanctity in the news that is being aired by these channels. So we should not see and take them as correct.
    If we want to see also, we should see the different channels which are a little reliable than many channels. Etv is one such channel which is not very biased. Generally, their news is more reliable than many other channels in Telugu. DD is also a good channel which we can see for more reliable news.
    Anyhow, after seeing or hearing the news we should use our own analysis also to find out the better alternatives to vote.

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    It's quite natural to get disturbed by the biased stories dished out by different news channels on a regular basis to carry out the agenda of the parties they support. By watching the news in those channels at times it looks like that they are the mouthpiece of some political parties. All the political parties try their best so that they can form the government and in this way, they can stoop to any level to garner more votes.

    Different social media platforms are also not far behind and recently the EC has asked a few of them to put in some controlling mechanism to stop its misuse by different political parties. Boycotting all the news channels may not be possible but at times people feel that it is better not to watch some of the channels because of the poor quality of news and the fabricated stories they produce to gain the attention of the viewers. Nowadays it is becoming really tough to trust the news items and we should be cautious and verify every kind of news before coming to a conclusion.


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    This is what I think so. During elections time every news channel will promote their favourite party and in a way misguide people for casting votes.

    The important role of media should be an unbiased role in reporting a matter without giving unnecessary hype to attract the attention of the public. They should not promote anyone who is not worth it. But that's not followed TV channels are bought by the powerful politicians so that they may praise them and instigate people to vote them.


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    Isn't this call for boycotting select news channels an attack on freedom of choice? Why should we tolerate this unwarranted assault on our freedom of choice? Need a logical and coherent answer.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    If the governance in the country is good and effective the channels which are propagating fake news and rumour will be closed and incur heavy financial loss. Unfortunately we do not have means and will to do that and we are exposed to all sort of junk in the media. So either we have to select the correct news or just avoid to view the TV itself for some time.

    When there is a crowding of news in the media some clever elements will take advantage of it and will able to monetise it as some people will be hooked to those channels due to human nature of listening to something unique and unbelievable rather to go for the normal plain news.

    So what is the solution - punishing the erring channels or just closing the TV till elections?

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    I am surprised to see the broadcast things some of the channels are doing. It seems there is no governance or system to check them and stop the malpractices.

    Freedom of press does to mean that you can air whatever you want This is ridiculous. We have to find out which channel is fair and which is fake and then decide to choose it.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Boycotting news channels is not solution to the problem. The expectations from the news channels is that they should provide true , proper and authenticated information to the voters. This will help the voters to chose right candidates in the next general elections which is scheduled during April/May 2019. The channels which have affiliations to particular party will propagate candidates of their party irrespective of their background. We as voters should select and watch channels which provide factual and truthful information. This will force other channels to follow suit.
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    We cannot boycott TV news channels. Every party in India owns its news channel, or every TV is affiliated to a political party. It is very rare to find an unbiased news channel. We need to apply our mind and brain to find the facts of the situation.
    @ Watch the TV news channels to see the pre-election fun, entertainment and stunt.

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    There is no harm in viewing the news channels being telecast in the TV. Some news appear coated with some concocted stories and there is sometimes departure from the facts. Hence we should not unnecessarily attach so much importance to numerous news. After all the reporters remain engaged in the collection of the news both real and false one and then to make it spicy, some ingredients are added to make it realistic. The channels have to deliver their service at cut throatiing competition so as withstand in the stressful situation.
    The parties offering a hefty commission would be the real benificiaries and the channel takes every effort to highlight the merit of such parties though sometimes such projections may not reflect reality.

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