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    Would like to see a face to face debate between Modi and Rahul from a public platform

    I wish to see Modi and Rahul sharing a public platform for a debate.
    Do you think it is necessary?
    If yes, Is it possible?
    Who will organize the debate? Who will moderate?
    Will these leaders agree to it?
    Who will be ready and who will not be ready?
    Will anyone run away during the debate? If yes. Who?

    @ Please post your answers in sequence.
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    Modi is not capable of a live debate. That is why you won't find any live debate with him participating in it.
    He doesn't take questions from the media, the questions he takes from college and school students have many times been proved to be scripted. He is a good orator but only when other professionals have already prepared the speech or scripted the discussion.

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    Rahul too not capable of a live debate. He would repeat the same thing again and again. In that case, both need to have prepared scripts for discussion. Let it be. If both are of the same category, the real strength and colour of the true leader can be witnessed by the public.

    How will the debate be, if it is between the undermentioned leaders? Who will win our hearts?
    1.Sushma Swaraj Vs Sonia Gandhi
    2.Smriti Irani Vs Priyanka Gandhi
    3.Nirmala Seetharaman Vs Rahul Gandhi?

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    We already witnessed this during the last Parliament session & everything is crystal clear since then with one of the most effective leader of the opposition party, Mulayam Singh Yadav coming ahead favoring PM Modi for his next term also.

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    I am also interested in seeing the same.
    It should be organised by the Election commission.
    Chief Election Commissioner should be the moderator.
    If it is a requirement as per the code of conduct of the Election commission both should accept. During University election the candidates contesting should attend a meeting on the campus organised by the election officer and they should speak. Like this, if the Election Commission makes it a rule that one from each main parties should come and talk, then they will come and talk.
    This can be arranged and telecasted by DD and all other News Channels also should make arrangements for live telecast of the same.
    In all the pairs you have suggested the speakers from BJP are very good orators and they can talk better than the other party representatives.
    If the debate is organised by the CEO, there is no chance for anybody to run away and he can stop the discussion at any point of time if he feels like.

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    It will be an interesting one if both the leaders agree. Though I don't think it is necessary because what we see nowadays between the leaders in power and in opposition is nothing but allegations and vilification. They do it from a distance and it will be interesting in the sense that in this situation they need to face each other while debating.

    We debate on things on a particular given topic that has arguments just opposing each other. Generally, one group speaks in favour of the argument and the other group just opposes it. When politicians of this imaginary debate are all opposed to each other there will be nothing more than shouting as we see in different news channels from time to time. If this debate takes place, I am sure nobody is going to run away unless they become tired of shouting.


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    I would like to see them debating but I feel Rahul Gandhi won't do or his party members won't allow him to do that because in the past we have seen him talking rubbish and the recent one is when he called Masood Azhar Ji which is criticised by the people and rightly so. I feel he doesn't know what he says. He doesn't think before saying.

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    No. I do not like to see a face to face debate between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi.
    The reason is that our politics has gone too far from the days of Nehru-Rajaji days. In those days the leaders fought and debated based on their the principled position . Never ever came the personal streak in those.

    However day by day politics is trending towards personal vilification and devoid of any principle and ideal.

    Modi was the first large scale victim of such personal vilification campaign especially from the Congress and then its allies. He had to face it consistently for many years. Sonia Gandhi was more ferocious in that. He has not forgotten that. That is why we get to see some acidic comments from him directed at Sonia and Rahul. Personally I do not approve that and it makes me grade him a bit less as I expect that as PM, he should get above that hurt feeling. However many times he proved that he is also just a human and has still a long way to reach the status of the ideal worship worthy iconic leader.

    Rahul,on the other side, is having only a single point agenda - of opposing Modi and ridiculing and challenging him even at the risk of exposing his own follies. Moreover it is still long way for Rahul to grasp many things national and international.

    So a face-to-face debate between Rahul and Modi may only serve to give some bytes to the media . It is better for us to hear them separately as we do now.

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    I agree with Ankit's comment. The truth is Mr Modi has never gave any live debates with any journalist etc in last 5 years. Mr Rahul Gandhi invited Mr Modi for debate. But i think, Mr Modi are not capable of debate, because debate needs lot of knowledge and knowledge comes by education and Mr Rahul Gandhi is highly educated as compared to Mr Modi.

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    Live debate between/among the PM aspirants has never happened in India. There are many difficulties. For example, who will be the PM aspirants from the united/disunited opposition camp?

    Unlike the USA, this is not possible because there are at least twenty parties in the opposition camp and all top leaders of these parties cherish the desire to become the Prime Minister.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    An interesting proposition. There are some practical difficulties in getting it.

    Mr Modi has come a long way from a humble background to this position and it is very rare that a man can rise to such heights in such a competitive and tough environment.

    On the other hand Mr Rahul has simply got this position as a family legacy and whether he is interested in this pursuit or not he appears to be fighting for it. We do not have a proof of his interest and passion for this line.

    So, such a competition between the two is not a equitable proposition and does not look a one to one thing. We are already hearing them on different platforms and that is more than sufficient for us to make out the difference. What additional information we will get from that encounter.

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    If a fight was organized on a public platform, we will come to know who is the real tiger and who is the cat as both are now roaring behind the curtain. Let them come under the sun and show their might and fight through the war of words on a common platform. They should do it. They should ask the media to arrange the bout.

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    In my previous comment, I forgot to thank Mr. Rahul for his hilarious comment: "Mr Modi are not capable of debate, because debate needs lot of knowledge and knowledge comes by education and Mr Rahul Gandhi is highly educated as compared to Mr Modi."

    Sometime comic relief becomes very necessary in the midst of a very serious discussion. Mr. Rahul (Member of ISC) has provided exactly the same in this thread.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    People bhakt (blind worshiper) of certain party and certain things forget that Mr Rahul Gandhi are facing more difficult, Dominant center as compared to Late prime minister Indira Gandhi. Even BJP has thousands of employed worker for only social media manipulation work. They fire posts on useless topic to make propaganda and Blind support and common man don't analyse those posts, because they don't have time. These workers made thousands of social media pages which is used for FAKE News.
    Even they have created a website for news which outranked major news website in India. They post certain news and all ten of thousand people start posting on same time and this give Google, Facebook and twitter to rank on top.

    People who often talk about family based politics for congress. I say it is advantage of Mr Rahul Gandhi who born and brought up in such prestigious family and will work for our nation. Burning desire to do better work as compared to Past. This motivation comes because in past many people gave life to this nation and may most of the new comers don't know about it.

    At last i wanted convey this message that World's more than half of fortune and forbes companies are run and maintained by FAMILY like Walmart and Ford etc. So, It proud moment to born in families who did great work for the world and for particular nation. So, it is obvious Mr Rahul Gandhi will also do great work for this nation.

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    #660630/Rahul, how come that, "So, it is obvious Mr Rahul Gandhi will also do great work for this nation."? What's his credentials so far? Can we list any?

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    I would firmly say that the present generation of late Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi has spoiled and ruined the reputation and image of the Congress party had in the past to such an extent that it cannot raise up and look forward to rule our country. Rahul, though educated in foreign lands is fully an illiterate in Indian politics. Modi, though not much educated like RG, is an able administrator and excellent politician who successfully completed many terms as CM of Gujarat and also PM of India. And is likely to continue as PM till 2024 and further until his last breath..

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    It is very difficult to confirm the academic and knowledge credentials of a person who is being pushed in politics only because of the family legacy. Congress could get more seats this time if they had given chance to other leaders in their party rather sticking to the Nehru family. I think this is not only a blunder but a grave error of judgement on their part.

    Now it is too late and they can not rectify it. Moreover, they have done another mistake by adding another member from the family which will be ruining their chances further in this election.

    Congress party had a great ideology and on the name of secularism and other slogans they were always able to attract votes. This time they are wasting all their time in insignificant things and the whole country is laughing on their childish behaviour. They are not canvassing for election on the firm beliefs and ideologies of the erstwhile congress party.

    It is painful to see a strong party going down to ashes so soon.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is always good to have debate. A healthy debate will help the voters to take a decision. I do not think Narendra Modi is averse to any debate and may the same with Rahul Gandhi. Someone should arrange a platform for the debate. I am sure it will be very interesting to watch.
    With Regards and Best wishes,


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