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    Are you habituated to paying tips?

    We all pay tips in different situations. It may be to the driver of the cab who drove in a difficult congested road to let you reach the railway station or airport, it may be to the waiter in a restaurant, it may also be the delivery boy who delivered you the consignment you are waiting for and the list can be a bit long. While tips can be said as a form of reward that you pay to the person for some service, there is a notion among people that the persons whom they pay tips involved in jobs that are not well paid. In some cases, it is absolutely correct and to those persons, the tips from the customers are quite beneficial.

    There are a few people habituated to pay tips to anybody providing a service and at times the service provider to whom the tips are offered may refuse or feel offended too. I remember one such instance when I went to the office of one of my associates who offered to pay some tips to the person who came to repair an instrument that was under its warranty period. The person politely refused by saying he is the owner of the company and he does not require any tips. So, if you are habituated to pay tips to any kind of service provider think for a while before offering any tips.
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    Many times we pay tips. Even when we go to a temple instead of putting the money in the Hundi, we will offer it to the Purohit there, by keeping the money in the plate. Generally, I will also do the same thing. I keep Dakshina in the plate instead of putting in the Hundi. Once I went to a temple in Tamilnadu. I don't remember the name of the place. I have seen the Purohit there putting back the money from the plate into the Hundi. We see some people like this also.
    In some hotels, we see the servers not accepting the tips saying that they are getting paid enough. I experienced this once in a hotel.
    Many of the people who work in hotels as suppliers, security, delivery boys and drivers will be paid very fewer salaries and for them, it will be very difficult to manage their family. For such people, the money they are earning through these tips will come in handy and help them to meet both ends.

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    Generally, I give tips only to the servers in hotels/restaurants. If the service was not good, I won't give any tip. To a government servant like the electrician who attends to my call at an odd time, I pay him something as 'Tea Money'. When someone renders a free service to me, I would still ask them, "What is your fee?" Some would say, "No' and some would say, "As you feel/if you feel"

    Recently, I went to a PS to get my son's PP clearance. After the formalities, though there is nothing to pay in cash, knowing that such authorities in our country anticipate something for their service, I asked the PC, "Any fee?" He smiled. I handed over Rs. 200/-. After accepting it, he said, "Generally, we take Rs.300/-" I took out another Rs. 100/- and gave it. He was very pleased.

    @ In our country, I feel that a PC is low paid for his job. They lead a good life with tips. There is no PC who would refuse tips in any form. They demand and take it.

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    I generally give tips only to the waiters in the restaurants (who serve me and my family). In the temples, I put some money in the donation boxes. Otherwise, I don't pay tips. I also don't pay anything to the beggars waiting roadside or at the traffic signals.
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    Generally, tips are given to the people who are at the lower ebb of the society and doing menial jobs.

    I also pay tips sometimes in hotels to the service boys or waiters.

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    Paying tips is a individual choice and varies from person to person, place to place and society to society.

    In some western countries giving tip is a very common activity and people will be happily doing that. In developing countries it is not a common activity but those who can afford give it to the waiters or service boy or any such lowly paid person.

    I also pay tips time to time if I feel that the person serving me belongs to that class where his income is quite less.

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    I am not habituated to pay tips. I usually pay tips to the waiters in the restaurants/hotels when I find the service is good. I have seen people paying tips even if the service is not up to the mark.

    Sometimes I think why should we pay tips when the bill includes a "service tax".The service charge is just a polite way of including the tip amount in the net bill.

    Those who are habituated of it should think of it. I can understand how embarrassing that person would have felt that you mentioned here. Being the owner of a company you dont expect tips from your customers. And it also has a bad effect on the people who get tips as they always expect it from the people and sometimes they ask it from the customer even though the service may not be as per the desired level. This may be embarrassing for the customer and may create a bad image of the service provider in the mind.


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    By paying tip you are complementing the service rendered to you. You may pay tips to a waiter in a restaurant, a salon or any other place where you seek service. Paying tips should not be in all the cases. I do not think we pay tip when someone renders bad service to us. By paying tips to a good service provider , he will be motivated to provide further improved service next time.
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