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    Have you checked your name in voter's list for voting in 2019 election?

    Some times it so happens when we go to the polling booth for voting our name may not appear in voters list and we have to come back without voting. So it is very important for us to check our name in the new 2019 voter's list. We can check this in online by providing your house no., name, gender etc. Some NGO and Party organizations also arranging stalls in every place to check our name in voters list. So it is better for us to check our name and any discrepancy is there we can report it now itself. For new voters to register their name only a few days is there from now and so they can apply online. I have checked my family members names and are there and I registered my son's name as a new voter yesterday itself.

    You can check your name in the voter list from: Search your name in the voter's list
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    Yes, I have got it checked. Both my wife's and my names are there in the voters' list of our Constituency. Not only that, we have got out daughter's name included in the voters' list. She will be voting for the first time during this election.
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    Our family is having six votes. In Telangana elections, we have voted. So I expect that our names will be there in the list for parliament elections also. I have no doubt about that. Anyhow I will check now. As mentioned by your our names might have got deleted for some reason or other.
    It is always better to check before going to the polling booth and if any discrepancy is there we should see that it will be corrected before the time closes. Hope all will do this.

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    Elections are around and the voter id must be checked for casting a vote. Any discrepancy in the voter id can be corrected.
    I also checked my id and found all the details of my voter id. I made sure there was no mistake in my voter id.

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    Thanks for informing and we must ensure that our name is there as sometimes people do not have voter card and in that case if name is not there it is embarrassing.

    Voter card is still a weak area in the Govt as it was not given so much importance and emphasis as Aadhaar card was given. Percetage wise and comparatively the mistakes in Aadhaar card are much less as compared to voter cards and many people are still struggling to get a corrected voter card. The process of making voter card is now digitised and to that extent the situation is improving.

    Govt must be having a plan to make Aadhaar card a universal card to replace the voter card and ration card in due course of time but due to the scope of Aadhaar card to catch benami and fraudulent bank transactions some people went to court against the Aadhaar card and now the whole process is slowed down.

    Anyway even if we do not have a voter card we can take our Aadhaar card or PAN card to the polling booth and cast our vote.

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    We are very much there, and we would vote for the right candidate who deserve to be an MP of my constituency. If none, I would vote for NOTA.
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    This is usual practice when elections are around the corner. We always get slips of our names from the party members before a few days of polling date at home itself.

    One should check his or her name as sometimes there may be a mistake and your name may be missing from the list.

    Normally it happens when a person is a new addition in the list. In my knowledge, it never happened that my name ever missed in the list. I remember when I just got married but I did not surrender my wife's voter ID card as she is from UP so her Delhi's voter ID card was not made and her name was not there in the list. Later on, during the survey, her voter ID card was made and her name never missed from the list and she has been voting since then. It's essential to check the name before the polling as clerical mistakes may occur.


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    The web site of Chief Electoral Officers of the State enables us to search our name in the Voter lists. I have checked and found that my name is available in the updated electoral list. This is a good initiative by the Election Commission. The web site also provides for registering your Mobile No and Email ID.
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    Thanks for posting it.

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    I checked the electoral rolls online and verified my (and other family members) name in the roll.

    However we have to ensure and get the voting slip supplied before election date.

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