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    Religion is a philosophy and way of life but what if it hampers in one's growth?

    There are many religions in the world and its followers abide by it and have a unique way of life. Every religion has some phosophy and guidelines behind it as what to do and what not to do. It is also said that the religion gives people strength and courage to live and attain a peaceful life.

    With that background, I further state that sometimes, there are some orthodox and superstitious things attached to the religion and though some of the people believe in them but many are reluctant to do so.

    At the same time some people are progressive and feel that following religion in totality without using our wisdom and prudence is sometimes detrimental to our growth and may be not good for the society at large.

    I seek members views on this.
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    I don't think religion will never come in our way of growth. We should follow the ethics and values and we should progress. As long as our growth is within the correct ways, I say no one can stop. But religion will come in your way if you want to grow in your life without following the principles of life. This is what I am believing in my life so far and I will continue to believe the same.

    Yes. As you said there are some orthodox people and they may be still living in good olden days. But we can't take it as a reason and say we are not able to grow because of this. There is a lot of change these days and many old practices are gone. Nobody these days follow orthodox ways.

    But we can't ask exemption from all the points saying that all the points are baseless and unreasonable. We should also follow certain norms and try to be sincere in our efforts.

    always confident

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    Yes, of course, religion is a philosophy and a way of life. I think religion can never hamper your progress in life, in fact, it lays a foundation stone for your progress. It can guide us in all walks of life and show us what is right and what is wrong. For me, I see success in following my religion.
    It is also a fact some people may find it a bit obstruction in life which, I feel, is not correct. Work hard with persistence and follow values and ethics; will definitely get success.
    You have mentioned that religion is a way of life which is apt and appropriate. And I would add that religion is also a way to success!

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    Religion is our culture. It is the support we require in our life throughout and each and every moment. We can not think to survive in life without it. It is a inseparable part of our life. So, the importance of religion can not be underestimated in our life as well as social life. Many countries and communities are based on a religion only. That is the only common thing between the people there.

    So far so good as religion is a very useful and ethical thing in our life.

    Unfortunately, there are some religions in the world which are not so straight forward in their interpretation and people following those religions are not only suffering but their growth is also affected. Some religions are supporting and encouraging terrorism. So the youngsters there will grow but in a negative and destructive area. In that sense they are religiously blind and do not perceive what is good and what is bad.

    The purpose of religion is to make the life a positive adventure and not destruction.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Religions have come up based on the problems in life. In the beginning, we cannot expect a religion did exist. It might have originated when people started living in large groups. The aim would have been to introduce a disciplined life. Slowly this became a theory or attitude that acted as a guiding principle for behaviour, which we call a philosophy of life. These types of philosophies might have developed in different parts of the world and slowly took the form of religion. In any social set up there will be strong and weak people. The strong will control the weak and will force them to work for them. Seeing the actions of nature many interpreted the same as a power which cannot be seen by naked eyes. Thus they created Gods, for which they attributed extraordinary powers. This varied from groups to groups. In my simple way of interpretations religions and attached Gods came into being like this.
    Please consider this only as a personal comment.


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    Religion is a way of life. Every religion has its own tradition and culture. The environment in which we are brought up makes us to get connected and abide by the culture and tradition of that system. The problem with some people that they consider their religion is supreme and try to insult other religion. This is resulting in problems. All religion preaches good things to people to practice.
    With Regards and Best wishes,


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