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    Manipulating the police for selfish ends

    The atrocities in Pollachi, a small town in Western Tamil Nadu, has now been a national outrage. Still, the local AIADMK Government is doing all that it can to simply protect all those involved.

    One such step in this direction was the audacious reply of the local police chief, who claimed that only four men were involved in the atrocities and there was no "evidence" of the sons of local political bosses or the bigwigs themselves in this worst sex scandal of Tamil Nadu. This useless claim fell flat on its face when a new person ( the 5th to be arrested, based on a complaint from one victim), whose name is Bala. It is yet to be seen if this rascal had any link with the other deadly criminals, Of the four, two criminals, including the Chief called Tirunavukkarasu, were thoroughly thrashed up by the public, that reportedly involved the brother of the girl, who complained against the gang.

    It is high time that the political parties stop using the police for selfish ends. This police officer should be transferred immediately and since the case has now gone to the CBI, the new Government in Tamil Nadu (the DMK has a choice of coming to power soon when it is expected to sweep the polls in 18 Assembly constituencies), thus bringing to end the most corrupted State Government India, lead by the AIADMK.

    One does hope the CBI will do a good job now.
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    It is very unfortunate but it is very common in our country. Police will act as a glove in hand of political leaders. It is like a security guard stealing away the property. It is like the fencing eating away the crop. The law protectors are becoming corrupt. They accept bribes from the people who commit mistakes and see that they are out of woods. Innocent and poor people who can't satisfy them will suffer fully.
    In Hyderabad, a Cinema hero committed a serious mistake and he deserves life imprisonment for the act he has committed. But police not even arrested and taken him to custody. He managed them by offering huge money which that police person never can earn his lifetime.
    These are examples of the important role that is being played by money everywhere and anywhere. The police should understand the importance of their roles in protecting law and order and see that innocent will never get punished. But they will punish only innocents and criminals will be left out on roads.

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    This is sad that influential and powerful people do crimes and get away because of their power in society. It's sad to see that people protect the actual culprits and punish people who do crimes for their master. In this case, too the mastermind is not arrested whereas others are.

    It's an irony that most of our system is corrupted and people by giving bribes buy law. Recently we have read many such cases. I remember the infamous rape case of " Nirbhaya" in Delhi all 5 rapists were punished. Had they been a powerful person they might not have been punished. See Salman Khan who has done many crimes even he killed people as he was drunk and was having still he is roaming freely because he is very powerful and has lots of money to bribe people.

    In this case, I hope the mastermind gets severe punishment so that the victims may get justice.


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    The nexus between the politicians is well known and is a source of many evils. They take advantage of each others power in getting their selfish motives completed. A good governance is required to combat this situation.

    Enquiry by CBI is extreme action but in our country nothing is woking without the help of CBI. Same thing is happening with court as for an insignificant thing people are approaching courts and wasting the valuable time there. Of course the intention of such people is only to delay or make status quo of things.

    Under this hopeless administration and governance the innocents are suffering and there is no one to hear their difficulties.

    The irony is even if a good Govt comes in power it is very difficult to correct these situations as there are so many clever and dishonest people below that it is practically an impossible task to tame them otherwise. Severe punishment and penalties are the things required but again it should be done on a regular and efficient basis.

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    The incidence is not strange in India. The police department is in the control of State Government. The Government is run by Ministers. The Ministers are with Criminal background. These ministers are elected by people. Finally the blame to the people. If we elect right people such a situation does not arise. Our system is so corrupted and we are in a vicious circle and do not know where to start and where to end.
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    This is a perenial problem in our country. Working hand in glove with police.

    It is unfortunate but true that people manipulate things with the consent of police people in good contacts.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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