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    Lets discuss about Jyotish Science?

    Lets discuss about Jyotish Science? Is Jyotish really true and give correct result ? Our hand , head, foot etc have many lines and in Jyotish all lines has some meaning and indication so If you learn Jyotish then you could know everything about anyone life.

    How its possible? I think thats also proving God exist somewhere who made everything planned and register is our hand at the end of our life God will only check our hand register and will know everything.

    Whats your views friends on this matter?
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    I don't go into the aspect of reliability of this Jyotisha Sastra as it is a controversial subject. Some people believe and some people will never believe.
    Not only in this subject but in any subject no one is perfect. What we learn is very limited. A very well experienced driver will also do accidents sometimes. Happening of an accident is not because of the fault of one person. There are multiple parties involved and anyone can do a mistake which may cause an accident.
    Similarly, this astrology is also a subject which will be interpreted by different people in different ways. All depends on the pandit who is involved in the activity and the person we went to him.
    Generally, what I feel about this is the points told by the pundit are hints like warning boards kept on the roadside. While you are driving a car you are supposed to observe those boards and drive accordingly so that no accident will occur. In the same way, the points given by the Pundit can be taken as a warning and we can be cautious so that we can be happy in our life.

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    I believe it. It is true that our life is recorded in the form of lines and curves held in a register which is available in our palms. Accurate palm reading would help to understand these lines and curves. There are some secret things in our life that is the fate written on our pate. They cannot seen and read, erased or rewritten.

    @ I have a line in my right and left palms that denote I am a government servant.

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    Jyotish or palmistry is an old age method to predict one's destiny. People believe that from the combinations of the lines in one's hand ones future can be guessed.

    It is a difficult task to comment on the authenticity of this method.

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    There are many methods devised by our ancestors based on observations and other ideas. Some of them are Jyotish, Palmistry, Astrology etc. They are present in the different parts of the world in different forms. There is a lot of ambiguity and uncertainty in those axioms and I am afraid that these can not be categorically placed under science.

    So we have to analyse them with a logical and rational mind with open corridors for further discussions in the matter. Scholars and philosophers have done a lot of work in these areas but the ambiguity could not be resolved so far.

    We believe in these things because we are brought up in that environment. It is the social atmosphere which is responsible for these beliefs rather than scientific inquisitions.

    We do not learn science from our heredity or the society, we learn it in classrooms. I am pained if someone uses the word science for these beliefs and cultural attributes.

    When I was transferred to a new place during my active service, I had difficulty in getting a rented house. Somehow I got a flat which had number 13. My friends and relatives told me to wait further as that flat was vacant due to its number 13.

    Due to my rational thinking and emergency I took that flat and was a bit worried that if something goes bad these people will mock me but fortunately nothing happened for the next 9 years of my stay there and in fact that was the most glorious period of my career as I got promotions and foreign training trip also.

    Sometimes people go by horoscope. There is nothing wrong in that. But calling it as science is only good to honour or respect our ancestors and culture and nothing more than that.

    When I was in my high school my mother called a Pandit and showed my horoscope to him who was worried to see it as according to horoscope there was a tough time for next 7-1/2 years. My mother was upset but I was not because I did not see any rationality or logic in that. Incidentally, during my high school I had interest in amateur astronomy and though my age was small I was well aware of the difference between astronomy and astrology!

    Though I am stretching this post a bit longer but let me complete it by telling that during that 7-1/2 years, I got I division in all the exams till my M.Sc. and by the time that fearful 7-1/2 years was over I was jobless and for a few years could not get a good job though I occupied myself in petty jobs here and there which gave me more experience than the next 32 years of service in big companies.

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    I think it is an individual's personal choice to believe in palmistry or not. A lot of things still exist on what you believe and what you don't.

    You might have come across people who would claim to have had the accurate predictions with Palmistry but then, on the contrary, you would also find people who would call this art a bogus and would advise not to believe on it.

    Personally, though I have consulted palmists a few times and have been going to him for the past few years. for me, the predictions that he's made over the years are mixed. Sometimes I feel that palmistry is good and sometimes I feel he is just making money from me. But still, I have heard many examples who got very accurate predictions of their future by the palmist. I remember once my elder brother showed his hand to one such person who was blind and by touching his hand's lines he predicted about his future and 90? of his predictions are coming true about my brother which really gives me a feeling as if it should be believed


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    Well, till now I have never heard anybody earned a degree/diploma in Jyotish Science or Astrology from any recognized institute. Many have certain beliefs and there are many who do not believe in it. Every object whether animate or inanimate is exerting a force, however small it may be, on us and it is applicable in case of stars and planets too. We all are aware of the effect of Moon on tides and there are also instances of the gravitational force of Moon affecting the pain in people with arthritis. Going by all these, roughly we can say that the position of stars and planets may have some effect on the lives of human beings.

    Now it's entirely up to the person whether to go to the astrologer to know what kind of effects the planet may have on different situations in life. I have heard there are people who predict very well and there are people who only try to make money by making dubious predictions. The question is what can we really do if the prediction goes right or wrong. We cannot remain sure about the predictions and there are many situations when people get confused and run from one astrologer to another. If it was really perfect all the time then there wouldn't be so many debates about the effectiveness of astrology.


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    Personally, I do not agree using the word 'Science' to indicate Jothish or Palmistry or similar other belief based conclusions. Science has thr basic principle of 'falsification'. That means a scientific principle can be questioned and disproved. Einstein could correct Newton. There are several scientific inventions disproving earlier inventions.
    At the same time in Palmistry, Astrology and similar other beliefs this will not be accepted. In Astrology, the first part is scientific, that is calculating the positions of the stars and planets, it is Astronomy. But afterwords it is simply making certain conclusions, which have no any scientific proofs. Nobody has attempted to verify the conclusions, at least based on survey. In reality a scientific study need to be made to accept a conclusion.


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    Well explained and well conceived. A narration with much clarity.

    I will like to add that science can boast a perfection in the band of 80-90% or more but the knowledge areas like Astrology, Palmistry, Horoscope etc are limited in their results in the band 40-60% and that is more or less statistical. If we throw a coin in the air the chances of getting head or tail are also in the same band.

    There are some saints which give some ash or fruit to the devotees and sometimes the devotee is cured. I have see the statistical data of the medical research where sometimes some people get cured of their ailments without taking any medicine though the percentage wise it is less. So if the same person takes any such thing from the saint he will feel that he is cured by that though the fact is different.

    So it is the belief which makes us to think so rather than the prescription.

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    Jyotish Science is an oxymoron with former having nothing to do with latter. Jyotish is astrology. It has various branches. Various ways to study cosmos' influence on human body and life. Palmistry, vaastu, kundali, numerology, etc all comes under Jyotish's extraordinary family. Each of it has its own basis and principles. It is easy to assume a basis and work on it. But it does not correlate to the science as we know. Science works on observations and results. Jyotish cannot be quantified as science. If you believe in Jyotish go for it. Only what you believe works on you.
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    Jyotish Science gives information about person's characteristics, skills, comfort zone and his progression with time. It is not based on the theory that everything is done by God and will be done by God, but it implies that the universe is governing you. It gives an indication what you have sowed in your previous life. Some of the characteristics can be changed with efforts. If you put your efforts, then will definitely get the fruit of it, but some people get it earlier and some later. Some of the experts Jyotish can even recommend the right career path of an individual and most of the believers state that it has a positive influence in their lives. It can be considered as a guide to life and not something that can change your destiny.

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