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    What would be people mandate in the next general election

    The opposition parties are combining to defeat BJP in the next election. Whether Narendra Modi will succeed in bringing BJP to power with absolute majority?
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    I feel NDA will get absolute majority. Presently the trend is good for Modi. Many people are of the opinion that there is no other person in any of the opposition parties who is capable to become PM. So far the opposition parties are not declaring who will be their PM candidate. There will be an I fight among them for the top slot. This fact is known to all the people.
    The recent military actions taken by the government has given a good shift towards the present government. The IT concessions for salaried employees who are earning upto five lakh rupees per annum and the financial help to farmers has made many of the people to support NDA.
    In South they are trying to get support from AIADMK, TRS and YSRCP. In Karnataka they have some standing. Based on these points I feel NDA will have advantage. However it is too early and the voters may change their mind at any moment. So till last moment we may not be able to come to a firm understanding.

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    Modi wave is still there and NDA has pretty good chances of returning back to power. People seem to be attached to the present government but nothing can be said with assurance. People can change their vote anytime and make it difficult for NDA to win these elections.
    The election will be interesting to see who wins and forms the government in 2019. The opposition must be looking loopholes of NDA to woo voters and they will try their best to get more and more seats, after all, they know how to return back to power.

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    A pertinent but difficult question raised by the author. Prima facie it appears that the NDA might be able to make the Govt. The opposition is divided at many places and day by day defections are heard.

    There are many people in the interior of our country who are not well aware of the present political situation in our country and can not have a holistic view of the achievements of BJP Govt in the past 4 years.

    Election time is a time of rumour mongers and the gullible people will flow in those misguiding information. Our thinking process is such that we forget hundred good works by any regime but remember the one deficiency and punish it for that. You can call it anti incumbency but it is there.

    Unfortunately, country can not progress with a single honest person at the top. What is required is many honest in the governing level below with the cooperation of public at large. That is not happening.

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    It is very difficult to predict what will be the outcome of the general elections. Though most of the opposition parties seem united against the BJP from outside, there are many aspirants among them for the top post. Till now nobody is clear about the agenda of the united opposition and all we hear on a regular basis from the opposition leaders are different allegations on the present dispensation.

    Now, those who are benefited by the policy of this government and think it can do better in the coming days will surely vote for BJP led NDA. Those who are affected will not vote for the government, but the problem is many people became confused by the noises created by the opposition and it is not so easy to say how these people are going to vote. It seems this time it will be hard for any party to gain an absolute majority and all are excited to see the final outcome of the elections.


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    Owing to merging of the opposition parties to fight the election 2019, BJP may not win with an absolute majority, but will certainly form the government with the help of its alliance partners. Modi is the sure PM after the election 2019. The opposition camp, though appears to be united but are divided. They are not sure of their Prime Ministerial candidate as they fear much about the result of the election.
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    Now the situation is very fluid. The opposition parties are yet to finalize their alliances and Prime Ministerial candidates. On the other hand, contrary to earlier expectations, BJP is quickly forming alliances with regional parties in various states. Further, after the Pulwama massacre and Balakot air strike, the situation has changes drastically.

    So, no prediction can be made except that BJP-led NDA is in a marginally better situation at this point of time. But the election will start after one month and continue for another one month. So, there may be some more changes in the ground situation.

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    The first and foremost duty of every citizen in the Country to cast their vote. We have seen in earlier elections the parentage of polling in India is very poor. It ranges from 40 to 65%. Therefore it is very essential that every eligible citizen should and must cast their vote. Our valuable vote will help in electing a capable and able member to represent us in the Parliament. We seeing that corrupt persons and persons with criminal background are getting elected with their money and muscle power. We should defeat such persons and vote only for persons with cleaner image.
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