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    JDS and Congress combine who is the beneficiary

    Janatha Dal Secular and Congress party has entered in to a pre-poll alliance and seat sharing. Out of 28 seats Congress has retained 20 and given away 8 seats to JD-S. In the pre-election alliance who is going to benefit most , Congress or JD-S.
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    JD(S) won't worry about winning or losing the election. It's like a hair loss to them. But it is the Congress that would worry much. If they lose, they will not be able to show their strength in our Parliament.
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    I am of the opinion that JDS will be the better beneficiary in the coalition deal. It will be all the more beneficial to the Deve Gowda family.

    But Congress does not have a better alternative there having subdued itself to a regional party just to stay afloat and stay in the precincts of power. That way only it can keep the funds flowing. It is a matter of existence and survival for Congress.

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    in the deal, I say JDA will get benefitted. Definitely, JDS got benefitted at the time of formation of State governemnt. Now, this pre-poll alliance may give an advantage to JDS as the party is in the ruling. If these two are not combining there will be a good advantage to BJP. This friendship will have an effect on the election outcome of BJP. BJP may not secure more seats in this State.
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    Pre poll seat sharing alliance generally favour small parties. It has happened many times in the past. In many cases it is a win win situation to both the parties also.

    Sometimes due to some unforeseen factor the anticipated equations and patterns are affected and the alliance parties enjoy some seats but the third party opposite which these two parties are contesting suddenly emerges out as the winner and both the parties in alliance fail miserably.

    So sometimes results of the election may be contrary to the general perception and we can not exclude such a thing happening in the present environment.

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    Janatha Dal Secular has become a family party. In the next general election majority of the candidates are from Gowda family. Both sons of Mr. Deve Gowda and two daughter in laws , two grand sons including himself likely to be in the fray. Congress is desperate to win elections and compelled to go along with Janatha Dal secular though there are resistance at local level
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