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    A deadly stoat dance

    Stoats are small carnivores found in grasslands of Europe. This animals is very normal to every aspect but hunting. This animal's hunting strategy is very different. Its favorite prey is rabbit. But rabbits are too agile for stoats to ambush. So they dance. Well, wiggle really. They wiggle funnily and scientists think this shocks rabbits. This sort of behavior is well documented and stoats almost always dance to stun the prey. Then they get closer and closer to deliver the killing bite. Killing nibbles really as it takes many bites for a stoat to choke the rabbit. This is a funny behavior and scientists don't really know what made stoats adapt this strategy.
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    Very interesting post by author. Killing the prey with dancing.

    During the evolution of animals on Earth the struggle for existence made the animals to adopt to new methods and sharpen those new skills for their survival. If we believe the Darwin's theory of evolution, it seems likely that such thing can happen while the evolution.

    I have seen a footage of a bird which throws a killed worm near the bank of the lake where water is too shallow and then waits for a fish to come to grab the worm and as soon as it comes there the bird catches the fish. Strange but true.

    But the example given by the author is really very intelligent and strange behaviour depicted by any animal. I thank the author for posting this interesting information.

    Knowledge is power.

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