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    Promises versus achievements of politicians

    Politicians promise a lot of things and after coming to power they will try to deliver but in most of the cases they are not able to fulfil their commitments. The gullible voter has no way to pursue or remind that gentleman about the promises he made during the rallies and election campaigns.

    Let us search our memory and find out if any politician had achieved a good percentage of his promises after coming to the power. Do you remember any such personality or any such instance. If yes please give that valuable details here so that we can frame up a benchmark as to what percentage we should accept such achievements.

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    According to Abraham Lincoln " You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time". The politicians of our Country have fooled us some time or the other. We as responsible voters should wake up and take right decision and electing the people. The time has come now the General election 2019 has been declared. We have an opportunity to elect right candidates for the 17th Loksabha. We should not be carried away by the promises of the politicians. Assess their performance during the last term and decide about voting them or otherwise. If every voter in our Country make a right decision I am sure our Country will become one of the super power in the world.
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    A clever and successful politician(in present times) is one who promises a lot,delivers a very small fraction of it and mostly in parts,then convincing people that the reason for deficiency of delivery is other political parties or the opposition/ruling party as the case may be and then convinces people that he will do and deliver more and better if he is elected another term also. He also convinces people that if he is not re elected people will lose whatever he has already done or started doing.

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    The days of fulfilling promises made by politicians are gone. One PM I always respect is Lal Bahadur Sastry. He was a railway minister in Nehru's cabinet. There was a train accident when he was the railway minister. Immediately he resigned from the post saying that he should not continue as a minister as he failed in taking off his duties carefully and seeing that no citizen will suffer. The moment he resigned he came out of his office and went on walk to his house saying that he was no more a minister and hence he can't use the official car. He is one politician who tried his best to stand on what he promised.
    These days I think we can't find any such leader. A minister in the State government says that the central government is not allowing them to work and the minister in the centre will say States are not discharging their duties correctly. In between the innocent people will be suffering. No shame or no values for the politicians of these days.

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