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    Once in a while let the child come out of you

    Remember when the mouse fought the cat and employed all the tactics to duck the beating from the cat? Well, it's not something that you see regularly somewhere in your neighbourhood or in an open field. Here I am talking about the Tom & Jerry show. Yes, I am serious and not kidding on this platform. Ask any kid and they will tell you the name of their favourite cartoon character. Nowadays it's a part of their growing process and they watch different cartoon series on television on a daily basis. There are different comic strips available in the market and during our childhood, I used to read different comic books. Well, I still remained a child and I like to read comic strips and watch cartoons if I can manage some time.

    Maybe some people do not grow up and I am one such person. Actually, everybody has the child inside her/him and at times it comes out automatically. It's good to laugh like a child, enjoy like them with a mind which is carefree and look around bemused as if you are looking at things for the first time. How do you feel when that child suddenly come out of you?
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    There is definitely a child hidden somewhere even in the most matured person. The reason is very simple as we want to relive those moments of our childhood which have chronologically gone away from us.

    Here I remember the story by great hindi writer Prem Chand (also Premchand) in which the elder brother was a serious guy with no mischief and was telling the younger one to study and do not loiter here and there.

    I will not go in the details of the story plot but in the end of the story the elder brother, to the surprise of the younger one, also joins him in the fun and frolic of childhood life which illustrates the hidden child in him also.

    Sometimes the seniors in our house or society behave like a children. We may see that with a bit of surprise as generally they keep a composed and controlled appearance but once in a while the child inside them jumps out to manifest some childlike activity.

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    As we grow old, the child in us comes out naturally. We stop growing after 60, and gradually go down to 80 to feel like a child and act like a child of 10. Though senior citizen, we behave like a child.
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    Sir, you are right! Everyone has feelings more like a child hidden within. Childish things come to fore sometimes and it animates the atmosphere. Our elders behave like a child to express their childish things and they look good to produce those feelings. Children are great and they are filled with beauty; their childish things look great. They bring a smile on the faces of elders. If an elder person has the quality of behaving like a child, it also looks great and sometimes relives you from stress.

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    As we grow old in age some of our childhood thoughts will be coming out of you. The best part of one's life is the childhood days. We will have many memories in our mind of those days. How we behaved in those days will not o out of our mind for many years. How behaved and what are the special qualities we have during childhood will again come back to you once you become old. No responsibilities during childhood days.
    As we come to our younger age from childhood we will get more and more responsibilities and we may not be able to enjoy these days. So when we sit alone we will remember our childhood days and we want to behave in a similar way now also.
    This will be there in many of us and we will forget our age and behave like a child. Sometimes somebody will be criticising us also and remind us that we are grown enough and we should not behave like that. However once in a while, we should allow our child to come out from us and behave freely so that we will have some happiness and relax for some time in our busy lives.

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