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    What if there was no hierarchy in a corporation

    Placements. A crucial point in engineering. Campus placements are weird because the employers recruit you based on requirement and not for the job you applied. Atleast that is what happens in my chemical engineering. So few days ago I got selected in a company as an environmental safety engineer. And my friend in production department. Production is a very tedious job. So my friend envies me. He says he must have gotten my job too. So I ended up musing. Who created hierarchy. Our salaries are identical. But the job profiles in his mind are not. He thinks I am better off.

    What if everyone in a corporate or a factory is trained to do everything. Our job profiles should switch like our shifts. We should work in the morning as one engineer and in the evening as something else. Or it could be the next day. Just the main idea is to teach freshers all the jobs.
    There won't be any human made hierarchy then. We all will work for the good of the company and in return will get overall understanding of our industrial learning.
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    This is not possible. Without a hierarchical structure, an organization can't function. Even in a team which functions on the basis of co-operation, brainstorming and mutual understanding, there is always a team leader.
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    The case you are taking is not about hierarchy. You and your find got jobs which of equal ranks. But departments are different.
    In the manufacturing industry, the marketing department and production department are the main departments. All the remaining departments are called service departments. A person in the main department will always have scope to go up in the ladder than the service departments. Hence my opinion is a production job is always better than the jobs in service departments. But as you said production job requires a little hard work. But people who are just coming out of the college should not think of hard work. The more the hard work you carry out more will be the advantage for you.
    The promotion channel and job shifting opportunities will be more of a person who is having experience in the manufacturing sector in the production department.
    As you said it is very difficult to manage the show without hierarchy. Many companies will change their job roles as required.

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    During the training period it may be possible to do like that but generally without the hierarchy, system will not function.

    Hierarchy is required to convey the orders to down side and requests to up side. It is the architecture of organisational flow of work and many people who are not much concerned about the organisation as whole unit, are also under this hierarchy as their work and dress are limited to the satisfaction of their neatest bisavin the hierarchy.

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